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5 Best Wireless Gaming Mouses Under $50

Best Wireless Gaming Mouses Under $50

Most recommended
SteelSeries Sensei 310SteelSeries Sensei 310
  • Lightweight 92.1g Construction
  • Prism RGB Lighting
  • Settings On-the-Go

A good choice too
Logitech G305 Logitech G305
  • 2-year limited hardware warranty
  • Lightweight mechanical design
  • Classic shape

Corsair Harpoon RGBCorsair Harpoon RGB Wireless
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • 10,000 DPI
  • Weighs Just 99g

E-Blue Mazer IIE-Blue Mazer II
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • 2500 DPI
  • Anti-delay Polling Rate 250Hz

A good choice too
Logitech Logitech G PRO Hero Wired Gaming Mouse
  • Movement Detection Technology: Optical/li>
  • Color: Black/li>
  • Number of Buttons: 6

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Your mouse needs a replacement, but you don’t plan to spend a fortune on an ultralight, super sensitive, and customizable gaming mouse. You don’t need to choose anymore. Have both an affordable and high-quality gaming-grade mouse in one. We have selected the 5 best budget gaming mouses for you to find your perfect one.  Choose among wired or wireless mouses with high DPI and IPS rates, RGB illumination, customizable buttons, incorporated memory,  to customize the device for your epic gaming performance.  

Below, in the Comparison table, Buyer’s Guide, and product reviews you’ll come across plenty of useful details and tips to pick the most suitable mouse out of the 5 Best Gaming Mouses Under $50, chosen by experienced gamers. Don’t be lazy to compare and analyze all pros and cons of the models to be absolutely thrilled with your update.

STEELSERIES Gaming Mouse Sensei 310 – the best wired ambidextrous mouse for esports

The Sensei 310 wired ambidextrous gaming mouse is excellent for both orientations: right and left-handed. Exclusive optical sensor technology together with jitter reduction guarantees ultimate sensitivity and precision of all your moves.

Customizable buttons and RGB illumination will make this mouse a perfect fit. Incorporated memory keeps all your settings even if you switch to another PC. User-friendly software makes it compatible with all OSs.

  • A wired connection
  • Ambidextrous
  • Exclusive True Move 3 sensor technology
  • One to one tracking
  • 12 000 DPI of sensor sensitivity
  • 350 IPS Optimal speed
  • Revolutionary jitter reduction for natural movements
  • Ultra-comfortable grip
  • Durable silicone side inserts
  • Split trigger buttons
  • Customizable RGB illumination
  • Incorporated memory saves all your settings
  • Very lightweight
  • Tested and perfected by Evil Geniuses team
  • Click durability is 50 million
  • Compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Excellent software
  • Quite sizable – long and wide
  • Sometimes has a double click issue
The software offers a cloud service to save all the settings and to be able to use the mouse with several computers immediately without any additional adjustments.

LOGITECH Lightspeed Gaming Mouse G305 – the best for prolonged battery life

This wireless Lightspeed G305 gaming mouse has an extended battery life for long hours of gaming without worries and interruptions.

Thanks to the new generation of the optical sensor Hero, you can enjoy accurate, efficient, and lightspeed playing or working. The receiver can be stored incorporated when not in use.

  • Wireless
  • A new generation of the optical sensor Hero 12,000 DPI
  • Accurate and lightspeed performance
  • Response time is 1 ms
  • 400 IPS optimal speed
  • Prolonged battery life of 250 hours
  • Compatible with Chrome, Mac, and Windows
  • Classic shape with a comfortable grip
  • Maneuverable and compact
  • Very lightweight
  • Incorporated storage for the USB receiver
  • 6 customizable buttons
  • Incorporated memory
  • RGB and DPI setting adjustments are not available with Bluetooth connection
  • Suitable for small hands
To make the mouse even lighter, buy lithium batteries as an alternative to alkaline ones. They cost more, but you will feel a considerable difference. They provide a far longer usage as well.

CORSAIR Gaming Mouse Harpoon RGB – the best for multiple option connectivity

The Harpoon gaming mouse can truly boast of several options of connectivity for superior convenience and compatibility. This wireless mouse can be recharged when connected via USB without interrupting the gaming session.

Bluetooth pairing is available as well. Rubber side inserts and lightweight design allow you a comfortable and fatigue-free grip. Everyone will get excited with its amazing customizable RGB lights.

  • Wireless, rechargeable
  • Possible Bluetooth and wired connectivity
  • Charge while playing
  • Optical sensor Hero of 10,000 DPI
  • Lightweight and fatigue-free
  • Quick setup
  • Rubber side inserts for comfortable grip
  • The battery lasts for 60 hours
  • 6 customizable buttons
  • Click durability is 50 million
  • Accurate, fast, and efficient
  • Compatible with Xbox
  • Amazing RGB illumination
  • Quite narrow
  • Lights stay on
The wireless receiver doesn’t include Bluetooth. So, if you want to pair it with a desktop computer without Bluetooth, you have to get a special receiver for your PC.

RAZER Gaming Mouse Basilisk Essential – the best for customization and functionality

This very affordable Basilisk Essential gaming mouse will astonish you with its extensive possibilities for customizing and programming macro functions with 7 buttons, a fast DPI toggle, and a separate multifunctional pedal.

The pro-grade rubber scroll wheel, side inserts, and mechanical switches provide a fatigue-free but tight grip and precise supersonic gaming.

  • Wired
  • Optical sensor 6,400 DPI
  • Customizable Chroma RGB illumination
  • Fast DPI Toggle to adjust the sensitivity settings
  • Ergonomic and stylish design
  • Gaming-grade rubber scroll wheel
  • Rubber side inserts for comfortable grip
  • Fatigue-free
  • 7 buttons for customization of multiple macro functions
  • Special multifunctional pedal
  • Mechanical switches
  • Click durability is 20 million
  • The software doesn’t run properly on Mac
  • The light can’t be disabled without software
The mouse is always on, even when the computer is put to sleeping mode. It wakes it up all the time. Unplug the mouse and switch your PC to sleep. Plug in the mouse again. It’s quite troublesome, but nothing to do.

Logitech Gaming Mouse G PRO Hero – the best for advanced technologies

This wired technological monster is ambidextrous. With its Hero optical sensor and 25 000 DPI it stands out for the highest level of mouse sensitivity.

No acceleration, filtering, smoothing in combination with top optimal speed, mechanical switches, and specific spring technology give you supreme precision and efficiency while gaming. 6 totally customizable buttons, RGB illumination, and built-in memory are at your disposal.

  • Wired
  • Suitable for both hands
  • Hero optical sensor 25,000 DPI for the highest sensitivity and precision
  • Optimal speed 400 IPS
  • Zero acceleration, filtering, or smoothing
  • Mechanical switches
  • Spring button technology for ultimate performance
  • Customizable RGB illumination
  • Six customizable buttons and incorporated memory
  • Minimalistic and comfortable design
  • Well-made and reliable
  • Click durability is 50 million
  • The scroll button is quite stiff and elevated
The mouse is extremely lightweight. For people with big hands, it may feel rather fragile. If you are a fan of light mouses, it’s a perfect match, just like your hand’s extension.

The Buyer’s Guide

Wireless vs Wired

Most gamers prefer wired mouses as they are supposed to have a better response rate and optimal speed. They never require any recharging or new batteries as well, but you may be a bit bothered by the wire. On the contrary, wireless mouses offer you total freedom in this meaning. Technical parameters of gaming mouses don’t differ much now. So, that’s the question of personal preference.

Optical sensor 

Optical sensors differ in resolution, which is the number of pixels or dots per inch. The higher the DPI rate is the better. For ordinary mouses, it is between 400 and 800 DPI. For gaming ones, it ranges from 5000 to 25000 DPI. 

Additional features

Additional customizable buttons help you customize sensitivity, RGB illumination, and other multiple macros and functions to ensure the epic gaming experience. Incorporated memory is another useful feature, especially for those, who get used to working or playing on several PCs. You can easily switch from your desktop to the laptop, without any need to customize the setting again.


How do you tell if it’s a low battery?

Normally the software gives you a notification and the mouse starts blinking with red color to show that a few percent is left. However, it normally keeps working for a pretty long while.

How to make the mouse less sensitive?

There are 3 ways to decrease mouse sensitivity. First, your Windows, or Mac OS possesses tools to adjust this and other settings of your device. Second is the mouse software, where you can manage everything. The third option is the buttons on the body of the mouse, which can be the fastest one.  

Can I use rechargeable batteries for the mouse?

Yes, surely. They will work great and reduce the weight of the mouse. So, if you’d like to have an ultralight one, buy some Lithium  AAA, or AA rechargeable batteries.

Interesting Video: VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mouse Review – Try it in Fortnite!

Final words 

If you want to replace your old mouse, or just have a new experience take a precise look at our selected 5 best gaming mouses. All of them are budget versions, but with great technical characteristics: optical sensitivity, RGB illumination, optimal speed, customizable buttons for multifunctioning to raise your gaming performance to the epic level.