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Download Darkness Rises for PC (Windows and Mac)

Developer NEXON Company
Category Role Playing
Game Size Varies with device. At least 95M.
Required Android version 4.4 and up
Age restrictions Teen
Number of installations 10,000,000+

Darkness envelops the country, and with it comes an army of fierce demons. A long, dangerous journey awaits you. Have courage and venture into the depths of hell to eradicate the source of this evil before it destroys our world.

Darkness Rises: is a unique RPG with stunning graphics, original gameplay, and intense boss battles. It’s all in the palm of your hand!

Choose a character class that best reflects your play style, from the fierce berserker to the powerful sorceress. Defeat monsters with killer skills or fight in the arena against other players.

Destroy the darkness before it destroys you.


There is no such thing as a strong or weak character in this game, and the topmost suit gives the same amount of Force. But ranged heroes are better positioned because they can hit from a distance without making close contact with the enemy. The main thing in the game is skill and reaction. Do not underestimate your opponent. It often happens that players with Strengths several times lower than yours can win.

There is a lot of equipment in the game. Therefore, selecting items from the same set is important because the set gives a bonus to the characteristics.

The plot:

Presented in the form of dungeons in the passage of which you will be introduced to the basic narrative of the story, which by the way is not even bad for a mobile MMO, there and a beautiful video screensaver and unexpected turns and more, which is sometimes not even in good client games. Moreover, for each passage of the story chapter, drop off a good amount of experience, money and give good rewards.


  • Great graphics for a mobile game;
  • The best character editor I’ve ever seen in a mobile MMO;
  • Fantastic combat that won’t let you get bored;
  • Plenty of content;
  • Real-time PvP/PvE with other players;
  • A large variety of different costumes, easy to get them;
  • The ability to get donat currency for the game activities, as well as the lack of separation of donat currency to the paid and free;
  • Event on a regular basis. You can quickly dress up, sharpens, get rare things;
  • Frequent updates;
  • Quite a large online;
  • Ability to play with friends;
  • Well conveyed the atmosphere of the Middle Ages;
  • Nice storyline;


  • High-level players complain about the modest amount of targeted content;
  • Very uncomfortable chat;
  • The social component leaves much to be desired;
  • Frequent crashes on not-fresh mobile devices, although the developers indicate these devices in the list of supported;
  • Uniformity of the environment, monsters, bosses in dungeons and raids;
  • Binding of the class to the gender of the character;
  • Absence of the open world;


In conclusion, I can say the following. First, although the game is partly a typical representative of the genre of mobile MMORPG, it nevertheless has a number of positive differences, but it is also worth mentioning the minuses.

That’s probably all! Despite the pros and cons, the game mainly causes me only positive emotions. To play it is worthwhile. I do not regret a minute of your time.

Can you crush the enemy and liberate nations around the world? Will your tactics work?

Got a problem? Visit https://support.nexon.net/hc/en-us or https://m.nexon.com/forum/534 or contact developers in-game by going to Settings > Help & Support.

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