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Download Endless Frontier for PC (Windows and Mac)

Developer ekkorr
Category Role Playing
Game Size Varies with device.
Required Android version 4.4 and up
Age restrictions Everyone
Number of installations 5,000,000+

A thousand years ago!!! There was a battle, undescribed in history, in which the “Knights of the Outlanders” who intended to defeat the Prince of Darkness lost. The hero of “Erin” made a vow, “I will be reborn again and again until I am victorious!!!” Was his vow fulfilled? To this day, the hero of “Erin” continues to be reborn to defeat the Prince of Darkness along with the Knights of Stranger Things.


  • Extreme gameplay with no mandatory participation!
  • Automated battles!!! Follow the incredibly exciting battles!!!
  • Gold is given automatically. Enjoy quests at the touch of a button.
  • 4000 levels!!! Endless scenario battles!
  • Have you been reborn today? Rebirth and get strong warriors or strengthen your existing ones!
  • Over 100 types of warriors with different abilities!!! Level up! Amplify! Evolve!
  • Defeat 20 kinds of dungeon bosses and gain treasure materials!!!
  • Need special abilities? Collect hundreds of unique treasures!
  • Rain of lightning? Do angels appear?? Use powerful magical skills!!!
  • Get rocks here!!! Enjoy PVP battles with other players!!!
  • Lots of gifts for the attentive!!! Click on hidden chests on every level!!!

There are four races of warriors in the game elves, humans, undead, and orcs; 3 genders male, female and neutral (the latter in all kinds of elementals, spirits, etc.); 2 types of attack magical and physical; as well as near, far, flying warriors and invisible. Everything I mentioned is tied to a specific heroi.e., Hellmage, for example, is always undead, male, with magical attacks, non-flying, visible, etc.

Also, warriors have standard parameters like attack, defense, hep, speed, the chance of attack, etc.

I recommend paying attention to the following warriors:

  • Infernal Mage – Can break enemy crystal even if your warriors are unable to deal damage to the weakest foes. Combines well with blowing/throwing warriors (need both types), which in turn combine well with paralyzing/freezing/etc. units.
  • Hippogriff – the elven flying warrior, increasing chance to level 1 or 2.
  • Dark Archer – her ability I described just above.
  • All sorts of invisible melee units their advantage in PVP.
  • Elementalist can simultaneously blow away and throw away enemies (i.e., counter both people with immunity to throw away and elves with immunity to blow away).
  • Quick hit-and-run melee raids are good for bosses. And if also invisible. Elves have all four qualities of Windwalkers, and humans have Sinbads.

This game has good crafting, a soft economy, and a lot of variation. You’re constantly being sent a huge amount of bonuses, but that’s not to say there are too many or too few. You’re constantly pumping something up, improving it, changing it, but there are no unambiguously profitable solutions.

The player constantly has to make some choices and change strategies, making the game only more interesting.

Can you crush the enemy and liberate nations around the world? Will your tactics work?

Got a problem? Visit https://www.reddit.com/r/EndlessFrontier/ or contact developers in-game by going to Settings > Help & Support.

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