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5 Best Gaming Earbuds

Best Gaming Earbuds

Most recommended
  • Connections: Bluetooth, NFC
  • Color: Gold
  • Headphones Form Factor: In Ear
A good choice too
Turtle BeachTurtle Beach
  • Multi-function inline controller
  • Crystal clear chat
  • Lightweight and comfortable
A good choice too
HyperX Cloud EarbudsHyperX Cloud Earbuds
  • Connections: Wired
  • Headphones Form Factor: In Ear
  • Headphones Jack: 3.5 mm
Razer HammerheadRazer Hammerhead
  • Connections: Wired
  • Headphones Form Factor: In Ear
  • Water-resistant design
Bose QuietComfortBose QuietComfort
  • Connections: Wired
  • Headphones Form Factor: In Ear
  • Up to 16 hours of use

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75% of users selected 1MORE, 12.5% selected Turtle Beach, 0% selected HyperX Cloud Earbuds, 12.5% selected Razer Hammerhead and 0% selected Bose QuietComfort. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Gaming earbuds are a must-have for any gamer looking to improve their gaming experience. Not only do they provide great sound quality, but they also help to block out distractions and create an immersive audio experience.

Reasons to invest in gaming earbuds:

  • improved audio quality and immersion for the gaming experience;
  • ability to customize your audio settings to match your preferences;
  • often come with a range of accessories such as ear tips, carrying cases, and cables;
  • comfortable fit that won’t cause fatigue during long gaming sessions;

There are many different gaming earbuds on the market, so it can be tough to know which ones are right for you.

In this article, experts will discuss what makes a good pair of gaming earbuds and provide reviews of some of the best models on the market. Audio equipment experts will also give you some tips on how to choose the right pair of earbuds for your needs and how to get the most out of them. So, whether you are a casual gamer or a professional eSports athlete, read on for the information you need to make the right purchase!

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones Hi-Res Headphones – the Editor’s choice!

Introducing the 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones Hi-Res Headphones – a state-of-the-art product designed to deliver incredible sound quality. The balanced armatures and separate dynamic driver create an incredibly rich, nuanced listening experience, while the tangle-resistant wires keep you moving.

You can easily control the volume with the inline controls, and the aluminum shell is both durable and attractive.

And with comfortable ergonomics and intelligent control tech, you’re in for a truly exceptional experience. Moreover, the decent package includes 3 sets of foam ear tips and 6 silicone tips to ensure a perfect fit, plus a magnetic traveling case to keep your headphones safe on the go.

  • Great sound quality;
  • The wires are tangle-resistant;
  • Balanced armatures;
  • A separate dynamic driver;
  • Comfortable and ergonomic;
  • Intelligent control tech;
  • Decent package with 3 sets of foam ear tips and 6 silicone tips;
  • Includes a magnetic traveling case;
  • Easy control of volume;
  • Affordable;
  • Durable aluminum shell;

  • The case is difficult to open;
  • Not many different ear tip sizes;
  • Recessed bass;
  • Small soundstage;

1MORE earphones are a great value for the money. You get three drivers in each earphone – a separate dynamic driver and two balanced armatures. This gives you great sound quality with deep bass, clear mids, and sparkling highs. The wires are tangle-resistant, so they’re easy to keep organized, and they come with a handy magnetic traveling case.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds In-Ear Gaming Headset – the best for the high-sensitivity mic!

Are you looking for an epic gaming headset that will take your experience to the next level? Look no further! This top-quality product features a high-sensitivity microphone that can be easily removed, as well as compatibility with all gaming and mobile platforms.

You’ll love the amazing 10mm speakers, which provide incredible sound quality, and the comfortable and ergonomic design is sure to keep you feeling great while you play. The lightweight and portable design mean you can take your Battle Buds anywhere, and the inline controller is multifunctional so you can control your audio experience with ease.

In addition, the included travel pouch ensures your headset stays safe when you’re on the go.

  • The high-sensitivity microphone can be removed;
  • Compatible with all gaming and mobile platforms;
  • Top-notch 10mm speakers;
  • Comfortable and ergonomic;
  • Lightweight and portable design;
  • The inline controller is multifunctional;
  • Includes a travel pouch;

  • There is no Y-cable splitter;
  • The wire may peel (because it is not braided);
  • The earpieces may protrude because of their size;
  • Average sound quality;

This lightweight and portable gaming headset is compatible with all gaming and mobile platforms. The high-sensitivity microphone can be removed when not in use, and the headset comes with a travel pouch for easy storage.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds with Mic – the best for portable gaming platforms!

These HyperX Cloud Earbuds were designed specifically for handheld Nintendo Switch mode, giving you an immersive in-game audio experience. And because they know how important communication is during gameplay, the earbuds come with an in-built mic for an in-game chat.

In addition, they’re comfortable to wear for a long time and include a secure travel case – perfect for taking on the go. Best of all, they boast decent sound quality without breaking the bank.

Made with comfort in mind, they can be recommended for long gaming sessions. They also can boast decent sound quality.

  • Designed for the handheld Nintendo Switch mode;
  • Immersive in-game audio;
  • In-built mic for an in-game chat;
  • 2-year warranty;
  • Comfortable to wear for a long time;
  • A secure travel case;
  • Decent sound quality;
  • Affordable;

  • Cheap package;
  • Almost no bass;
  • The sound may leak;
  • No removable mic;
  • The noise isolation could be better;
  • No surround sound;

With immersive in-game audio and an in-built mic, they’ll let you chat with friends without any distractions. Plus, their comfortable design means you can wear them for extended periods without feeling a thing. And if things take a turn for the worse, don’t worry – they come with a 2-year warranty.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds – the best for wireless design!

These Razer earbuds feature 60ms input latency, ensuring that you never miss a single move. They also come with a secure and comfortable in-ear fit, as well as an IPX4 water-resistant rating, so you can use them outdoors without worry. And for added convenience, they are fully compatible with any Bluetooth 5.0 device.

Their custom 13mm driver tech provides excellent sound quality and bass responsiveness. If that wasn’t enough, the Razer Hammerhead wireless earbuds also include a handy charging case that’s small and portable enough to take with you wherever you go.

You can enjoy crystal clear sound quality and great bass response whether you’re gaming or just listening to your favorite tunes outdoors.

  • 60ms input latency;
  • Secure and comfortable in-ear fit;
  • IPX4 water-resistant rating;
  • Fully compatible with any Bluetooth 5.0. devices;
  • Custom 13mm driver tech;
  • Includes silicone ear tips;
  • Easy-to-use controls;
  • Great for outdoor use;
  • Good connectivity;
  • The charging case is very small and portable;

  • Doesn’t hold the battery charge longer than 5 hours;
  • Average sound quality;
  • Pricey;
  • The case is hard to open with one hand;
  • Noise isolation could be better;

Thanks to their small charging case, these earbuds are incredibly portable and easy to use – perfect for gamers who need reliable audio performance wherever they go.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise-Cancelling Headphones – the best for noise isolation!

Experience the best of both worlds with the Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise-Cancelling Headphones. These headphones feature advanced noise-canceling technology to reduce surrounding distractions, letting you focus on your game, music, or movie. With great sound quality and a stable ear fit, these headphones are perfect for any audio experience.

These Bose headphones are perfect for those who want to completely immerse themselves in their music. The TriPort technology also ensures that you’ll enjoy great sound quality, while the Aware mode allows you to hear what’s happening around you without needing to remove the headphones. In addition, they fully charge within just 2 hours!

  • Fully compatible with Apple and most Android devices;
  • Advanced noise-canceling tech;
  • Reduced surrounded distractions while gaming;
  • TriPort tech for improved sound;
  • Fully charges within 2 hours;
  • Aware mode to hear what it is happening around;
  • Great sound quality;
  • Stable ear fit;

  • The battery module is very large;
  • Pricey;
  • Not very comfortable to wear for many hours;
  • Bulky microphone;

These headphones are the perfect way to cut out distractions and focus on your work, gaming, or music. The advanced noise-canceling technology and sound quality will ensure you’re immersed in your audio experience, while the Aware mode allows you to hear what’s happening around you without removing the headphones.

The Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of gaming earbuds:

  • The improved audio quality for an immersive experience; 
  • Ability to customize your sound to better suit your needs;
  • Noise-canceling technology isolates you from outside distractions;
  • Lightweight and comfortable design for long gaming sessions;

When it comes to gaming, having the best gear can make all the difference. And when it comes to audio, nothing is more important than having great earbuds. Not only do they provide superior sound quality, but they also help immerse you in the game by blocking out distracting noises. 

Main Features:

Wired vs. wireless gaming earbuds

One of the first things you’ll need to decide when looking for gaming earbuds is whether you want wired or wireless earbuds. Wired earbuds are typically cheaper and have better sound quality, but they can also be annoying because they get in the way while you play. Wireless earbuds are more expensive but don’t get in the way as much and offer more freedom of movement.

Wired vs. wireless gaming earbuds

Cables are a pain, either while working out or doing other things. Although wired earbuds are still more popular, they provide higher-quality sound [1].

There are numerous different types of gaming earphones, each with its own set of cables and compatibility with consoles and PCs. So make sure your new gaming gear has all the features you want—whether it’s wireless or wired, removable cable or adaptor compatible, or both!

Noise-isolating versus noise-canceling earbuds:

1) Noise-canceling

These earbuds are more expensive, but they offer a better experience by canceling out any external noise.  This is perfect for travel, work, or any other situation in which you need to completely focus on the audio coming from your earbuds.

A microphone is used to listen to incoming sound and generate inverse waves fed into the headphone in order to cancel out the noise outside of them. 

Noise-canceling headphones are typically most effective at canceling out the noise from a car or airplane engine.
The voices are not generally muted out, as they would be when using noise-canceling headphones. In essence, noise-canceling headphones create the illusion that you are sitting in a quieter location [2].

2) Noise-isolating

Noise-isolating earbuds are less expensive and work by sealing off your ear canal from outside noise. This is done with a silicone or foam tip that creates a tight seal between the earbud and your ear.

Physical isolation is achieved by noise-isolating headphones, which physically isolate the user from ambient sounds. On-ear and in-ear headphones are frequently guilty of this. Earbuds, for example, can often provide a good seal in the ear, improving their noise isolation considerably.

The downside to noise-isolating earbuds is that they can be uncomfortable for people who wear them for long periods of time. Additionally, since the earbuds are blocking out all sound, you may not be able to hear someone if they try to talk to you.

When choosing gaming earbuds, it is important to decide which type of cancellation you want. If you are looking for headphones that will completely cancel out any external noise, then you should choose noise-canceling earbuds. 

If you are looking for earbuds that will isolate the sound and block out any external noise, then you should choose noise-isolating earbuds.

Frequency response

The best gaming earbuds offer a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. This ensures that you’ll be able to hear every little detail in the game, from the low rumbles of an explosion to the high-pitched notes of an enemy’s weapon.  

The frequency response of a headphone indicates how well it reproduces the recorded frequencies. This implies that the bass and treble should be on an even keel, with equal highs and lows. This is a theoretical calculation that can’t always be accomplished. 

The bass response is measured in decibels, with the lower the better and the higher the better indicating how well a headphone can reproduce low frequencies [3]

The treble response is measured in hertz, with the higher the better and the lower being indicative of a lack of high-frequency reproduction.

Most gaming earbuds have a frequency response that falls within this range, ensuring you’ll get an immersive audio experience while gaming.

Some gamers might find that they prefer headphones with a wider or narrower frequency response than what is offered by gaming earbuds. If this is the case, it is recommended to check out our guide on the best headphones for gamers.

Sound profile

Most gaming earbuds come with a sound profile that is specifically designed for gamers. This means that they will offer an immersive audio experience, which is perfect for enhancing your gameplay.

The sound profile of gaming earbuds can be different from one model to another, so it’s important to do your research and find the pair that fits your needs. Some models have a more bass-heavy sound while others are more balanced. It all depends on what you prefer and what games you play.


Earbuds with only one sound channel are readily available and inexpensive, but those with stereo quality aren’t that widespread right now. However, if money is not a problem and you want your earbuds to have good sound quality, look for ones that include both features.

Some companies, on the other hand, provide their own branded headphones in sets with varying levels of quality, so don’t be afraid to go for greater when it comes to this [4].


Another important factor to consider is the compatibility of your gaming earbuds with your devices. Not all models are compatible with every type of device, so it’s crucial to do some research and find out whether they will work with your console, computer, or phone.

Most gaming earbuds use a standard jack connection such as the one used for headphones, but there are also models that come with a USB connection. If you want to use your earbuds with more than one device, make sure that they have a versatile connection option

Some newer consoles, like the Xbox One S and the PlayStation Pro, offer Bluetooth connectivity as well. This can be a great feature if you want to move around freely without having to worry about wires. However, not all gaming earbuds come with Bluetooth support, so you may have to settle for those that don’t have this feature if it’s important to you.

Sound quality

The sound quality of gaming earbuds is extremely important, as you want to be able to hear every footstep and explosion in your game. Many gaming earbuds have surround sound capabilities, which create an immersive audio experience that can put you right in the middle of the action.

When comparing different gaming earbuds, you’ll notice that each manufacturer has its own set of standards for evaluating the audio quality of its gear. Some concentrate on how loud they can get, while others are concerned with audio clarity, and some even focus on distortion-free bass tones at high volumes.

No matter what your priorities are, always make sure to test out a pair of gaming earbuds before you buy them. Most manufacturers have demo versions of their products that you can listen to online.

Only by listening to the different sounds that each set of earbuds can produce will you be able to decide which is right for you.

Style and design

When it comes to gaming headphones, many buyers pay little attention to their style and design. Some earbuds have sleek designs with vivid color palettes, while others are more basic in appearance.

All things considered, the best gaming earbuds are those that you prefer based on your own preferences. Not only should the style be appealing, but it should also be useful, so don’t just purchase because they look good; if they’re uncomfortable or don’t fit properly, it’ll be a waste of money at the end of the day.

You should look for when choosing gaming earbuds a few things. The design of the ear tips is one of the most important, as it can make or break your experience. Look for ear tips that fit snugly in your ears and provide a good seal; this will help to block out external noise and create an immersive audio experience. 

Additionally, many gaming earbuds come with in-line controls that allow you to adjust the volume and other settings without having to reach for your device.
If this is something that’s important to you, be sure to check for it before making your purchase.

Finally, there is a variety of different designs when it comes to gaming headphones. Some people prefer over-the-ear designs that completely cover the ears, while others prefer earbuds that sit in the ear canal. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer; it’s simply a matter of personal preference.

Comfort and fit

Just as important as the style and design of your gaming earbuds is how comfortable they are. You’ll be wearing them for hours on end, so it’s important that they’re not only stylish but also comfortable.

One way to test for comfort is to wear them for a short period of time and see how you feel afterward. If you experience any pain or discomfort, then they’re probably not the right headphones for you. Additionally, if the ear tips don’t fit snugly in your ears, then they won’t provide a good seal and will likely be uncomfortable.

Comfort and fit

It’s also important to consider the weight of the headphones. Heavier headphones can be more tiring to wear over long periods of time, so if you’re someone who tends to get tired easily, then be sure to choose a lightweight pair of headphones.

Finally, make sure that the gaming earbuds are adjustable so that you can find the perfect fit. Everyone’s ears are different, so it’s important that you have the ability to adjust the ear tips accordingly.

Not all models are created equal in this regard. Some gamers prefer in-ear earbuds while others find them uncomfortable. It’s important to try out different models and see which ones offer the best fit and comfort for you personally.


Gaming earbuds come with a variety of connection types. The most common are wired and wireless connections. Wired connections use a standard headphone jack, while wireless connections use Bluetooth or RF technology.

Which type of connection is best for you depends on your gaming setup and preferences.

If you have a desktop computer, then wired earbuds are the best option because they’ll provide the strongest connection.
If you have a laptop or console, then either type of earbud will work fine since those devices already have built-in Bluetooth support.

Just be sure to check the compatibility of your gaming device and earbuds before making a purchase. Many newer consoles don’t support traditional headphones jacks, so if you have one of those devices you’ll need wireless earbuds.

Quality of microphone

When you are looking for the best gaming earbuds, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of the microphone. Many gamers like to use voice chat while playing online multiplayer games, so it is essential that your microphone be clear and easy to understand. The worst thing that can happen in the middle of an intense firefight is for your teammates to not be able to understand what you are saying.

The good news is that many of the best gaming earbuds on the market today have excellent microphones. In fact, some of them are even better than those found on many dedicated gaming headsets. So, if sound quality and clarity are important to you, then you should definitely consider a pair of gaming earbuds with a good microphone.

For example, one of the best gaming earbuds with a great microphone is the Sennheiser GSP 300. This earbud has a noise-canceling microphone that helps to reduce background noise, so your teammates will always be able to hear you loud and clear. In addition, the GSP 300 also features an automatic gain control system that adjusts the volume of your voice depending on how loud or quiet the environment is. This ensures that you never have to worry about sounding too soft or too loud when talking to your friends.


What earbuds do gamers use?

There is no one specific earbud that all gamers use. However, many gamers prefer gaming earbuds over traditional headphones because they offer an immersive audio experience.

Are gaming earbuds worth the investment? That depends on your personal preferences. If you are looking for an immersive audio experience while playing your favorite games, then gaming earbuds are definitely worth the investment. However, if you are just looking for headphones to listen 

Are earbuds any good for gaming?

Earbuds have been growing in popularity as gaming audio peripherals. The small size and portability make them a great choice for on-the-go gaming, and many earbuds offer features specifically designed for gamers, such as enhanced bass response and surround sound emulation.

If you’re looking for an immersive audio experience while gaming, then earbuds are definitely worth considering. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for gaming earbuds, though:

  • First, make sure the earbuds have a good seal in your ears. This is essential for blocking out ambient noise and achieving accurate sound reproduction;
  • Second, consider the type of games you typically play. If you’re into first-person shooters or action games, then you’ll want earbuds with the good bass response and surround sound emulation capabilities. If you prefer slower-paced games or genres like strategy or role-playing, then simpler stereo earbuds may be more appropriate;
  • Finally, take into account your budget and preferences regarding features and design. There is a wide range of options available when it comes to gaming earbuds, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs;

Are Razer earbuds good?

Razer earbuds are some of the best gaming earbuds around. They have a great design, and they’re very comfortable to wear. The sound quality is also fantastic, and they provide an incredibly immersive audio experience.

However, they can be quite expensive, so if you’re on a budget, you may want to consider other options.  

How are gaming earbuds different from regular buds?

Gaming earbuds are typically designed with a gamer in mind. They offer features that regular earbuds don’t, such as surround sound and noise cancellation. This allows you to immerse yourself in the game audio, making it feel like you’re right there on the battlefield or racing track.

Many gaming earbuds also come with a microphone, so you can easily chat with friends during multiplayer games. And some models include LED lighting that changes color to match the game you’re playing.

Also, gaming earbuds are usually bigger and more cushioned than regular earbuds, which makes them more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

In addition,  gaming earbuds are typically more expensive than regular earbuds. But if you’re looking for the best gaming experience, they’re worth the investment.

Do any pro gamers use earbuds?

In-game sounds, as well as voice communications with teammates, are heard through two headphones by professional eSport gamers. Crowd noise may interfere with the game, so professional eSports players utilize noise-canceling headphones to block it [5].

Some professional gamers use gaming earbuds with a boom microphone for voice communications. While other pro-gamers might just use an inline microphone that is built into the cord of the headphones they are using.

Earbuds have many benefits in relation to game audio over traditional headphones. Pro gaming teams and players have been making the switch to earbuds and their usage will continue to grow.

Yes, some pro gamers do use earbuds while playing. Gaming earbuds offer features that regular earbuds don’t, such as surround sound and noise cancellation, which allow you to immerse yourself in the game audio. This makes it feel like you’re right there on the battlefield or racing track. While other pro-gamers might just use an inline microphone that is built into the cord of the headphones they are using. 

Earbuds have many benefits in relation to game audio over traditional headphones and their usage will continue to grow among professional gamers.

Are earbuds good for FPS gaming?

Earbuds are great for first-person shooter (FPS) gaming because they provide an immersive audio experience. When you’re playing a game like Halo or Call of Duty, it’s important to be able to hear all the sounds around you, from the gunshots to the footsteps of your enemies. Earbuds allow you to do just that, while also blocking out distractions from outside noise.

What earbuds do pro COD players use?

When wearers of COD gear wear earbuds, it’s easy to ask why they bother with what they’re doing. Most COD athletes put on earbuds to assist them hear sounds better since they can cover them with noise-canceling headphones. This helps prevent external noises such as crowds from affecting their game, and they usually use pullover ear headphones to play white noise to shut out sounds so that they can focus better [6].

What earbuds do pro Siege players use?

The gaming earbuds market is a crowded one, and it can be tough to determine which option is the best for you. Different gamers will have different preferences when it comes to audio quality, comfort, and price.  However, a few earbuds consistently come up as the best gaming earbuds available:

    1. The Sennheiser GAME ONE is one of the most popular gaming earbuds on the market. They are comfortable to wear and produce excellent sound quality, making them perfect for gamers who want an immersive audio experience. The GAME ONEs also has a noise-canceling microphone, which is ideal for online multiplayer games;
    2. If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, consider the Razer Hammerhead Pro Vibration Gaming Earphones. These earbuds offer great value for money, with excellent sound quality and a built-in vibration feature that gives you an extra level of immersion when gaming;
    3. Finally, if you’re looking for earbuds that are specifically designed for gaming, the Logitech G430 DTS Headphone X Gaming Earphones are a great option. These earbuds offer to surround sound audio and a noise-canceling microphone, making them perfect for first-person shooters or other games that require accurate positional audio cues [7];

Are gaming earbuds better than headsets?

Gaming earbuds sit in your ears and are not connected by a band around your head like headsets. This means that they don’t put any pressure on your head or ears, which is great for long gaming sessions. They also give you more freedom of movement as you can wear them while you’re walking around or playing sports. However, because they don’t have the same noise-canceling capabilities as headsets, they may not be suitable if you want to completely block out background noise.

Gaming earbuds are typically much cheaper than headsets, making them a great option if you’re on a budget. The downside is that they usually offer fewer features and audio quality than headsets.

Gaming earbuds are a great option if you want to improve your gaming experience without spending a lot of money. They offer more freedom of movement and are typically much cheaper than headsets. However, they don’t always have the same audio quality as headsets and may not be suitable for people who want to completely block out background noise [8].

Which wireless earbuds are best for gaming?

There are a few factors you’ll want to consider when choosing the best wireless earbuds for gaming. For starters, think about what type of games you’ll be playing. If you’re into first-person shooters or action-adventure games, then you’ll need earbuds that offer good sound quality and immersive audio. For example, the Beats X Earphones are a great option for gamers, thanks to their impressive soundstage and bass response.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, check out the JBL Endurance Sprint Earphones. They don’t offer quite as good of sound quality as the Beats X Earphones, but they’re still a decent option for gamers on a budget.

Finally, if you’re looking for a completely wire-free experience, check out the Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds. They offer great sound quality and a comfortable fit, making them perfect for extended gaming sessions.

Is TWS good for gaming?

According to numerous gamers, the audio from TWS earphones for gaming has a noticeable delay. The mode aims to synchronize the sound and on-screen action in order to provide a better gaming experience. Gamers should get TWS earphones with low-latency gaming modes if they want better playability [9].

Why do gamers wear 2 headsets?

Gamers have been wearing two headsets for a while now. The first reason is that it allows them to communicate with their friends while they are playing together. By having one headset in each ear, gamers can easily hear what their friends are saying without having to take off the headset.

The second reason why gamers wear two headsets is that it gives them a more immersive audio experience when they are playing games. This is especially true for first-person shooters and action games where sound plays a critical role in the gameplay. By using two headsets, gamers can better pinpoint the location of enemies and other important sounds in the game world.

Why do so many streamers use earbuds?

Earbuds offer a few distinct advantages over headphones when it comes to streaming. For one, they’re significantly smaller and lighter, which makes them less cumbersome to wear for extended periods of time

They also provide a more immersive audio experience since they sit directly in your ear canal, whereas headphones cover your entire ears. This can be especially important if you’re trying to create an engrossing gaming atmosphere for your viewers.

Many streamers prefer earbuds because they find them more comfortable. Also, as previously said, whereas gaming headphones are heavier, earbuds are lighter. Streamers often broadcast for hours at a time while wearing large heavy headphones, which can tire out your neck rather quickly [10].

That said, not all earbuds are created equal. In order to get the most out of your streaming experience, it’s important to choose a pair of earbuds that is specifically designed for gaming.  

Which earbuds are best for PUBG?

When it comes to gaming earbuds, there are a few different factors you need to consider:

  • Type of game. Different games require different audio settings. For instance, if you’re playing a first-person shooter like PUBG, you’ll want earbuds that offer surround sound capabilities so you can hear enemies sneaking up on you from all angles;
  • Your listening environment. If you plan on streaming in a noisy environment, such as a busy convention hall or gamers’ lounge, you’ll need earbuds with good noise cancellation features. This will help drown out background noise and allow your viewers to focus on your gameplay without any distractions;
  • Your budget. Not all gaming earbuds are created equal, and some can be quite expensive. It’s important to set a budget before you start shopping and find earbuds that fit within your price range;

With those factors in mind, here are three of the best gaming earbuds on the market today:

  • The Jaybird X-Series Earphones are designed for athletes and offer excellent sound quality and noise cancellation features. They’re also durable enough to withstand heavy use, making them a great option for streamers who are hard on their gear. The downside is that they can be a bit pricey, retailing at around $130 USD;
  • If you’re looking for a cheaper option, the Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Earphones are a great choice. They offer good sound quality and noise cancellation for under $50 USD. However, they’re not as durable as the Jaybird X-Series earphones, so you’ll need to be careful with them if you plan on using them while streaming;
  • Finally, if you’re on a tight budget, the Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds are a great option. They offer decent sound quality and noise cancellation for around $20 USD. However, they don’t have any of the advanced features that other gaming earbuds have, so they may not be suitable for all games;

Are AirPods good for PC gaming?

Airpods are compatible with both PC and mobile gaming. It’s one of the finest choices for individuals seeking great sound with a microphone for mobile gaming. They’re ideal for PC gamers who don’t want to wear bulky headsets all the time [11].

Are earbuds more damaging than headphones?

Earbuds can be more damaging than headphones because they sit closer to your eardrum. Make sure you’re always using the correct size ear tips for your ears and that you’re not increasing the volume too high. Damage from excessive noise levels is cumulative, so it’s important to take breaks and give your ears a rest.

Video Tutorial: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones Review (4K)

Final thoughts

So, whether you are a casual gamer who just wants to be able to hear the game better or a professional eSports athlete who needs top-of-the-line equipment, hopefully, this guide has helped you understand what to look for in a good pair of gaming earbuds. They have also included reviews of some of the best models on the market so that you can make an informed purchase. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


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