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How to Pull IPs on PS4?

How to Pull IPs on PS4?
While gaming as a party or joint session, it is great if you can sniff and pull all the IP addresses that are coming from any connection on your console and computer. You can use special network tools for monitoring this process. We have compiled some tips and recommendations about the most efficient IP pullers that can help you locate and track the IP addresses connected to your PS4. Following them will be useful if you want to learn more about players’ details.

How It Works

The algorithm of the packet sniffer’s work is very simple. To start understanding it, keep in mind that all the data is transferred via the network formed in packets. To be transmitted, the data goes in several different packets. When these packets achieve their destination, they are reassembled.

To secure yourself and your device against frauds and malware programs that can be transmitted together with these packets, and to keep your personal information and gaming details safe, use a reliable packet sniffer. It can intercept the traffic by capturing these packets with raw data. The packet sniffer analyzes this data and, if everything meets the necessary requirements, transmits it to the operator. All the checked data is presented in a convenient user-friendly format for further application.

Top PS4 IP Pullers

The top five most efficient PS4 IP pullers are the following:

You can easily download them from the special websites. Here, we have made an attempt to demonstrate how to download, launch, and use one of the most popular PS4 IP sniffers and pullers – Lanc Remastered. You can use the similar algorithm for all other applications mentioned here. The format of one article, unfortunately, does not allow for a more detailed description for all of them. You can always find the necessary information on their developers’ websites or by following the links you can find out from Google search. So, let’s have a more thorough look how all this actually works.

Lanc Remastered as the Most Efficient PS4 IP Puller

Lanc Remastered application has been designed in a quite similar way to the widely used packet sniffer Wireshark but Lanc is meant specifically for those gamers who use PS3, PS4, Xbox, or Xbox 360. The application will help you to withstand any problems with some unfair users and report them.

Features and Technical Characteristics

Let us have a look at the main characteristic features of the Lanc Remastered app to help you understand what to expect from it and how to install and use it correctly and for your most benefit.

  1. Geo-location tracking. All the connections can be tracked as for their country and geographical location.
  2. Compatibility. Lanc can work efficiently for any gaming console but it was initially designed for Xbox and PS.
  3. Customization. The application can edit the source of traffic or the destination of IP as well as indicate the details of separate port numbers.
  4. Programs and freeware needed. Install the following software for the Lanc’s smooth work: – WinPcap; – Microsoft Silverlight; – Microsoft C++.
  5. Connectivity. The app can be used either with wired (ethernet) or wireless (wifi) connections.
  6. Tutorial. All the tutorials are provided on YouTube or on the developer’s website.
  7. Issues with Lanc Remastered working. To solve any issues, you will need to report them or make a problem-related query into the developer’s forum or use a special link for problem solving.

If you understand and apply these tips, the application’s work will become more obvious, smooth, and useful for your needs.

How to Download and Use Lanc Remastered

Since it is commonly believed that Lanc is the most efficient IP puller that works perfectly for PS4 and Xbox, let us regard the entire process of the IP pulling with the help of it.

First of all, you will need to install such tools:

  • .NetFramework 4.5.2;
  • C++ Redistributable Package 2010;
  • NPcap;
  • WIN10PCAP;
  • Winrar or 7zip.

It may also happen that you already have them installed on your device so just make sure that they are there. If not, when using Windows 10, make the following steps:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’, choose ‘Network and Internet’, and use the ‘Change Adapter Options’ tab for the start.
  2. Remove the tick from the IPV6 box.
  3. Restart the computer.
  4. Download the application Lanc Remastered.
  5. Extract the app with the help of 7zip or WinRar.

Now, you will see all the necessary files to run Lanc. For that, click LANCv2.exe twice. The program will be shown on the screen. It may sometimes write that there is an error but never mind. Just click OK and the sign will disappear.

Now, you have to choose the network adapter. It can be either wifi or wired one. Switch on Filter and ARP spoofing. Then, you can start with receiving your IP from Xbox or PS4. These gaming consoles also have the tab ‘Settings’. Open ‘Network Setting’ and you will see all the IP information. You need to write down the IP address and insert it into the ‘TO’ section shown under the ARP Spoofing option. The port number should be indicated for Xbox in the Destination Port tab, but you will not need to write it separately for PS4. Apart from the address, you will be able to see your default router or gateway number.

You are ready to make up your party for PS4 or Xbox with other participants. Just check whether all the information you have just inserted is correct. As soon as you have clicked to join the party, you can start playing. You will be able to see all the IPs that will be connecting to you. The information is normally shown under the connection tab. You need to follow it to understand whether the IPs connected fully correspond to the port you have indicated and whether it contains the majority of connected packets.

Benefits of Packet Sniffing and Pulling

Using packet sniffers for PS or Xbox gaming is quite beneficial. The enlisted benefits you can make use of are the following ones:

  1. Identifying the root cause. If your gaming process seems to be slowing down, the packet sniffer can determine the cause of it. Since such applications view and collect the information for any traffic coming across the network, they can identify the main pathway to determine whether the network is the cause of your poor gaming experience. With this information, you can probably resolve the origin of the issue.
  2. Doing deeper research into slowdowns. You can use PCAP analysis for measuring the response time of the network meaning that the time needed for one packet to move across the route from sender to receiver can be measured. The cause of slowing down can become obvious and you can take action for disconnecting some players who may be blamed for it.
  3. Analyzing the traffic by type. It is especially important that the traffic should be categorized based on the ports used, destination servers’ IP addresses, and measuring of the traffic volumes. That allows for identifying the immense levels of unwanted traffic to be filtered and eliminated.
  4. Improving bandwidth. You need to be always aware how your bandwidth is used and who is using it incorrectly to be able to monitor their performance and switch them off if needed.
  5. Improving security. The detected high volumes of the outbound traffic you are not using at the moment can signal about a true hacker who is there in your gaming process to make use of your sensitive data. A packet sniffer highlights such increases in traffic for you to understand that cybercriminals are at work or you have just encountered an unfair player who wants to use hacking skill to cut you off the game. You can always do away with such intrusions if you are aware of them.

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All in all, using Lanc Remastered or other PS4 IP sniffers and pullers will help you boot the unwanted players both online and offline, scan the vulnerable IP address of them by hacking into their routers in response to their actions if you are bound to it, report the fraudulent IP addresses and suspicious activities to the Internet provider or even to police if you have detected any abuse or strange blacklisting, and to get the detailed information and Dox about the player who violates certain rules. You can even disable their harmful and fraudulent activities by pulling their IP addresses to protect your gameplay course.

Use the reliable PS4 IP sniffer and puller to be competitive in relation to other players, protected against frauds and hackers, and to gain the most from your gaming experience. Lucky gaming to you!