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Roblox vs. Fortnite: Which is Better?

Roblox and Fortnite have established themselves as two of the most renowned video games on a global scale. With millions of players and hours of nonstop fun, both platforms are perfect for gamers young and old. But which is better? Is one more fun than the other? Does one have better graphics or gameplay? In this article, we’ll compare Roblox and Fortnite to help you decide which is best for you. We’ll look at their differences in terms of graphics, content, price, age-appropriateness and more. Read on to find out if Roblox or Fortnite is right for you!

What Is Roblox?

Unleash your creativity with Roblox, the ultimate game creation platform where you can design and play games created by other users from around the world.

Roblox is a haven for all types of gamers, offering an immense selection that spans from role-playing to racing and even puzzle or strategy.
The platform also provides tools to help players customize their avatars, chat with friends offline or online, and explore the 3D world created by other players. Roblox has swiftly become a favorite gaming platform among children and teenagers due to its straightforward interface.

What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an immersive, captivating online video game created by Epic Games that launched to the world in 2017. Step into an epic, 100-player battle royale where only the strongest will survive in a fight to be the last one standing.

What Is Fortnite?

Players can choose from several different characters and equip them with weapons, materials, and tools in order to survive until the end of the match. The goal of Fortnite is to be the last person standing, as all other players are eliminated when they are killed or “eliminated”. [1]

Difference Between Roblox And Fortnite

Roblox and Fortnite are two of the most popular video game genres around, yet they have some noteworthy distinctions.


Roblox and Fortnite are the two most sought-after virtual games of our time. But which one is better? Depending on your preferences, each game provides its own distinctive features and charm. Here’s a closer look at Roblox vs. Fortnite to help you decide which one is right for you.

Player Base

Fortnite has a larger player base than Roblox, with 250 million players as compared to 150 million for Roblox. This means that there is more of a social community in Fortnite and it is easier to find people to play with. Additionally, this means that the game has more content creators who are able to make custom levels or skins for the game. Roblox does have an advantage when it comes to younger players, however. Typically, children aged 8-14 are the target demographic for Roblox; however, Fortnite appeals to teens and adults alike. The family-friendly atmosphere of Roblox makes it an ideal choice for parents looking for a kid-safe game.


Comparing Roblox and Fortnite games and mechanics, they are fairly similar. Both of them offer a wide variety of game modes with various objectives to complete in order to win. Roblox offers more than 20 million user-created games for players to explore, ranging from simulations such as “Welcome to the Town” and adventure games such as “Rise of Nations”. Additionally, Roblox has some unique features such as allowing users to create their own levels or customize aspects of the game. On the other hand, Fortnite is mainly focused on Battle Royale style gameplay with intense team battles where only one team can emerge victorious. However, there are also creative mode options that allow players more freedom in playing the game. [2]

Ease Of Use

Roblox and Fortnite both have very different approaches to game design. Roblox offers a variety of tools that allow users to create their own customized games, while Fortnite is more focused on team-based play. In terms of ease of use, there are some definite differences between the two. Roblox has an intuitive drag-and-drop system for building levels and structuring your game.

Ease Of Use

This makes it easy for new players to quickly understand the basics of the game and get started playing right away. Additionally, Roblox has several tutorials that can help teach newcomers how to build custom levels and make their game unique. Fortnite, on the other hand, requires a bit more of a learning curve. To make the most out of the game, players need to understand how to use the building features and build their own custom structures. This does take some time to learn and may be off-putting for new players. Ultimately, when it comes to ease of use, Roblox is definitely more user friendly and easier for newcomers to pick up quickly.

Year Of Origin

Roblox was founded in 2006 and Fortnite was released in 2017. Despite the age difference, both games have seen great success and continue to be popular today. However, this gives Roblox a slight edge as it has been around for longer and so there are more players and developers who are familiar with its features.

Active Users

The number of active users is a crucial metric when comparing Roblox and Fortnite.

At the moment, Roblox has the upper hand with around 115 million monthly active users compared to Fortnite 78 million.
However, this does not mean that numbers are everything: Fortnite had an impressive spike in user activity between October 2019 and May 2020 with more than 200 million gamers playing during some months – whereas Roblox’s growth was steadier over the same time period but at a slightly lower rate. Whilst both games have experienced strong growth since 2016, their respective user bases suggest that they appeal to different audiences. The majority of Roblox players lean towards the younger demographic (ages 8-14), whereas Fortnite is most popular amongst older gamers (ages 13-24).


An important factor for parents to consider when choosing a game for their children is security. Roblox has taken significant steps to make sure its platform is secure, enabling parental controls and account restrictions that help keep kids safe. The company also employs an extensive filtering system and moderation team to monitor the games on its platform, flagging inappropriate content and issues with players. Fortnite also features parental controls, however they can be difficult to set up and are not as comprehensive as those offered by Roblox. Additionally, while Fortnite does have moderators monitoring the game, there have been reports of in-game bullying or harassment happening due to lack of strict enforcement of the rules.

Ultimately, both games offer a variety of security measures, but Roblox has a clear advantage when it comes to keeping kids safe. [3]

What Type Of Games Does Roblox Have?

Roblox is a platform for user-generated games – it means that anyone can create and publish their own game online. There are various types of games on Roblox, such as adventure games, role-playing games, simulator games, racing games and more.

What Type Of Games Does Roblox Have?

As the creator of the game can control what type of game they make, there’s something to suit everyone. Some popular Roblox titles include Jailbreak (an action adventure game), Lumber Tycoon 2 (a business simulation game) and MeepCity (a role-playing game).

For Parents

When it comes to a parent’s decision on what games their kids should play, Roblox and Fortnite can be both good options. While these two games are quite different, there are some factors that make them appropriate for children of a certain age range.


The debate of Roblox and Fortnite has been a long standing one, and when it comes to answering the question of which is better, there is no clear answer. Parents must consider factors like age appropriateness, game content, playability and flexibility before making a decision. Roblox is a game that many children find entertaining and engaging due to its variety of games within the platform. It allows for a lot of customization with characters, levels, etc., so kids can be creative and explore their imaginations. Kids also have the opportunity to communicate with each other in-game through private chat or public forums. The majority of Roblox games are appropriate for children of all ages, depending on what they choose to play.


Enter Fortnite – the thrilling battle royale game that pits you against a maximum of 100 adversaries in an arena progressively shrinking with every passing second. Players must search for resources, craft protective fortifications, and fight fiercely to become the ultimate survivor. The game is an adrenaline rush of action, pushing you to make quick decisions in order to stay alive amidst the intense firefights. Fortnite also offers a social aspect as players can form teams of up to four people and collaborate on strategies for survival. Ultimately, it’s difficult to definitively decide which game is better as both have their unique aspects that make them appealing. Both Roblox and Fortnite offer exciting experiences that allow gamers of all different preferences to customize their experience and enjoy hours of entertainment. [4]

Is Roblox Safe From Predators?

As parents, it’s normal to worry about the safety of our children while they are gaming. When it comes to Roblox and Fortnite, there are several measures in place to protect players from predators.

Is Roblox Safe From Predators?

Roblox has a strict policy that adults cannot play with or interact with minors in any way. They also have age-appropriate filters and use a moderation system which helps to eliminate any inappropriate content. Furthermore, they have very clear privacy policies which explain how personal information is collected and used within the game. These policies provide robust protections for users and make it difficult for predators to target players on Roblox.

Fortnite does not have as many security features as Roblox but still offers some protection against online predators. They have an age limit of 13, so younger players cannot access the game. Additionally, they have parental controls that allow parents to monitor their children’s online activity and block any inappropriate content.

Both Roblox and Fortnite provide effective measures to protect users from online predators. Parents should be aware of these safety protocols and ensure they are properly implemented when their children play video games. [5]

Is Fortnite Too Violent For Kids?

One of the major differences between Roblox and Fortnite is that Fortnite has a much more violent theme. With its vibrant cartoon-style visuals, the battle royale shooter game challenges players to eliminate their opponents in a fight for survival and supremacy. While this type of violence may not be appropriate for all children, some parents have found it to be a suitable way to teach their kids about strategy, communication, and teamwork. It should be noted however that many critics have voiced concerns over the amount of violence present in the game.


Is Fortnite still the best game?

Fortnite still has a strong following, but the battle royale genre is becoming increasingly competitive. Roblox is quickly gaining in popularity and has a unique style of gameplay that many find more enjoyable than Fortnite’s traditional approach.

Is Fortnite still the best game?

With its vast library of user-created games, Roblox offers something for everyone to enjoy. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference as both games offer different experiences.

Which is better: Fortnite or Minecraft?

It’s a tough question and there’s no clear winner. Both of these games have earned legions of fans, so it really comes down to personal preference. There are some notable differences between the two that can help you decide which one is better for you. For starters, Roblox is better geared towards younger players, with bright cartoon graphics and simplified gameplay mechanics. Fortnite has more realistic graphics and allows gamers to build their own fortresses and explore the world in greater detail. The biggest difference between them, however, lies in the type of game they offer. While Fortnite features intense multiplayer battles where players team up to take on waves of enemy forces, Roblox focuses more on creating user-generated content, allowing players to build their own games and worlds. So if you’re looking for a game that’s more focused on creativity and exploration, Roblox may be the better choice. On the other hand, if you prefer team-based combat and intense battles, Fortnite is probably more suitable. Ultimately, both of these games offer hours of entertainment but it comes down to personal preference in terms of which one suits your style better.

Which came first, Roblox or Fortnite?

Roblox was released in 2006, while Fortnite came onto the scene in 2017. Roblox provides players the opportunity to craft their own 3D universes and games, while Fortnite is a first-person shooter combat arena. It’s clear that both of these titles have gained immense popularity over the years – but which one should you choose?

Which is more popular, Roblox Fortnite or Minecraft?

There’s no denying that Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft have achieved global renown as some of the most beloved video games in existence. All three platforms offer a unique experience for players, making them all appealing choices for gamers. But when it comes to popularity, which one is more popular? Roblox is probably the most well known out of the three options. Since its debut in 2006, this product has been rapidly gaining traction. As of 2021, they have over 150 million monthly users—making it one of the top digital gaming platforms in the world. Fortnite was released by Epic Games in 2017 and quickly rose to fame with its battle royale mode that pitted 100 players against each other as they scavenged for weapons and resources. Fortnite has gained an immense fan base, boasting a whopping 350 million registered players as of 2021. Finally, Minecraft was released in 2009 and is arguably the most iconic video game ever created.

Is Fortnite losing popularity?

Fortnite, the hit battle royale game, has become incredibly popular since its launch in 2017. The game has been cited as one of the defining games of a generation and continues to be a huge draw for players. However, with Roblox gaining traction in 2020 and the rise of other video games such as Among Us and Fall Guys, some have questioned whether Fortnite is losing steam or will soon be surpassed by another game. At first glance it would seem that Fortnite’s popularity is waning – in October 2020, Epic Games reported that daily active users had dropped nearly 20% from January’s peak. Further analysis reveals this isn’t necessarily the case – while there was a small decline in player engagement, the game’s total earnings remain strong. In fact, Fortnite earned $2.4 billion in 2020, up from $1.8 billion in 2019.

Is Fortnite good for your brain?

Fortnite has exploded in popularity since its release in 2017, and is now a global phenomenon. Many gamers have found it to be an enjoyable and entertaining game that is fun for all ages. But what about the impact that Fortnite can have on your brain?

Is Fortnite good for your brain?

New research has shown that gaming, like Fortnite for example, can actually boost cognitive functions such as problem-solving aptitude, imaginative thinking and the capacity to prioritize tasks. Not only can playing video games be fun, but it has also been demonstrated to improve your concentration and focus. Furthermore, scientific studies hint that gaming can even alleviate stress levels. However, like anything else in life, moderation is key when it comes to playing Fortnite or any other video game. Prolonged involvement in video gaming can lead to dependency, as well as other physical and psychological issues.

Is Fortnite losing money?

Fortnite is still a hugely popular game, but there have been reports that it is losing money. The main reason for this appears to be the increasing cost of developing and running the game. This means that players are seeing less content added to the game, and this could lead to them moving on to other titles. In the past year, Fortnite has seen its player base decline by around 33%. However, these numbers may not necessarily tell the whole story as Epic Games recently secured a $1 billion investment from Sony Pictures, which could potentially keep Fortnite going for years to come. Rumors are swirling that Epic will use a portion of the funds to initiate another project which would include aspects that made Fortnite renowned initially. In spite of a tight budget for development, Roblox has managed to expand its user base and revenue consistently over the past year. The firm proudly declared that they had hit the impressive milestone of 100 million monthly active users and accumulated $2.5 billion in sales since its 2006 launch. This means that while Fortnite may be losing money, Roblox is still going strong and is seen as an increasingly viable alternative to other gaming titles.

What country is Fortnite most popular in?

Boasting a massive international following, Fortnite is one of the most acclaimed video games on the planet; particularly in North America and Europe. It has been estimated that 40% of all Fortnite players are from North America, with 25-30% from Europe. In comparison, Roblox is particularly popular in China, where it was released first before being available globally.A 2020 Newzoo study revealed that 175 million users across the globe were actively playing Roblox and Fortnite on a monthly basis. When comparing the two games side-by-side, each have their own unique features that cater to different types of gamers. While Fortnite offers fast-paced action and intense battles, Roblox is geared towards more creative and social experiences.

Why is Fortnite better?

Fortnite has surpassed Roblox in terms of popularity and success, thanks to its immersive gaming experience, engaging graphics, and easy-to-learn gameplay. Fortnite dominates the competitive gaming industry, with an astonishing 250 million players worldwide! This highly popular video game continues to be a cultural phenomenon. Fortnite provides an exhilarating battle royale experience with its fast-paced, intense gameplay. Players can create their own characters, craft structures, and unleash an array of weapons to triumph over other players in the ever-evolving virtual world. The game itself is free-to-play so anyone can join the battle at any time.

Is Fortnite bigger than Roblox?

When comparing Roblox vs. Fortnite in terms of size, the answer is a resounding yes. Boasting a staggering 350 million players around the globe, Fortnite has cemented its place as one of the most beloved video games in history. Roblox has accumulated an impressive 150 million monthly active users and continues to gain traction year after year. This difference in player base is mainly due to the fact that Fortnite is available on all major platforms while Roblox is only available on PC and mobile devices.

Who is the most popular game in the world?

The battle between Roblox and Fortnite has been raging for years now, with each gaining a massive amount of popularity. But which game has taken the world by storm? In terms of overall players, Fortnite holds the crown having a player base of over 250 million people. Roblox has around 100 million monthly active users, with a total of around 2 billion accounts created.

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Roblox and Fortnite have taken the gaming world by storm, captivating millions of gamers from all corners of the globe with their thrilling gameplay. Both games immerse players in a thrilling and captivating journey, inviting them to stay for the long haul. Ultimately, the better game is purely a matter of personal opinion. Depending on your preferences, you may prefer Roblox for its extensive selection of levels and minigames or Fortnite for its intense battle royale game mode. Ultimately, both games provide an unparalleled experience that can be savored by gamers of any age range or proficiency level.


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