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Razer Seiren X Review

The Razer siren x is the microphone designed specially to elevate the quality of streams. The microphone strategically filters unwanted backilogramround noise and features a built-in shock mount to dampen vibrations. To ensure it fits your gaming setup perfectly and professionally, it’s constructed to be sleek and non-obstructive, allowing your audience to see more of you. It’s the microphone needed to propel your streaming journey to greater heights. Power amplifier – Impedance.

Manual for Razer Seiren X

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Pros and Cons Razer Seiren X

  • Built-In background Noise Reduction
  • Built-In Shock Mount: Dampens vibrations to help protect against bumps for smooth and uninterrupted audio
  • Zero Latency Monitoring: Allows for real-time in-stream monitoring without confusing echos
  • Extraneous noise

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