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5 Best MOBA Gaming Mouses

Best MOBA Gaming Mouses

Most recommended
Razer Naga TrinityRazer Naga Trinity
  • 16,000 DPI
  • 2, 7, 12 Button Configurations
  • Chroma RGB Lighting

A good choice too
SteelSeries Rival 500SteelSeries Rival 500
  • 16,000 DPI
  • 15-Button Programmable
  • Hand Orientation: Right

A good choice too
Razer Naga HexRazer Naga Hex
  • 5600 DPI
  • 11-Button Programmable
  • Red LED lighting

Corsair M65Corsair M65
  • 18,000 DPI
  • Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Hand Orientation: Right

Logitech G302Logitech G302
  • High Speed Clicking
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Hand Orientation: Right, Ambidextrous

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated MOBA Gaming Mouses

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50% of users selected Razer Naga Trinity, 0% selected SteelSeries Rival 500, 0% selected Razer Naga Hex, 25% selected Corsair M65 and 25% selected Logitech G302. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

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