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Download Nirvana – Game of Life for PC (Windows and Mac)

Developer GoldTusks
Category Adventure
Game Size Varies with device. At least 22M.
Required Android version 5.0 and up
Age restrictions Mature 17+
Number of installations 1,000,000+

Nirvana – Game of Life is a unique pixel simulator.

The game has nothing to do with the famous musical group. In this case, Nirvana is a reference to the afterlife and the state of rest in which our soul will stay. It is essentially a unique life simulation in which the soul will wander from one body to another, experiencing dozens of fates and wandering in search of its path. Become a superhero, a rock star, or a burglar; make relationships, make friends, or face danger. Your choices will determine how long a character lives and how soon your soul is reborn in a new body.

A thousand lives are one soul. Try to break out of this Cycle and reach Nirvana.

You are a Wandering Soul, wandering from the body to body in this incessant Cycle of Life from which there is no escape. Can you live a hundred lifetimes and reach Nirvana?

Make important decisions by simply swiping the picture left or right. Each life is unique and varied: you can become a superhero, an assassin, a superstar, a gangster, a mad scientist, an eternal prisoner, etc.

Maintain a balance of needs (wealth, health, popularity, and happiness), or you will die. Each year you will need to make different choices that affect the rest of your life:

  • Make friends;
  • Get married;
  • Have children;
  • Choose a Pokémon;
  • Escape from prison;
  • Become an addict;
  • And much more

And be careful – every choice can be your last! You, as a Soul, need to gain experience and eventually reach Nirvana. This always implies death, but don’t despair – you will be re-embodied in new bodies every time.

Can you destroy your Creator and stop the Cycle of Life? Will you trust the other Lost Souls who promise you a way out? It’s time to find out.

Can you crush the enemy and liberate nations around the world? Will your tactics work?

Got a problem? Visit http://www.grungeforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=264&start=45 or contact developers in-game by going to Settings > Help & Support.

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