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How to Get More Rune Pages in League of Legends

How to Get More Rune Pages in League of Legends
Until now, the runes were a completely non-interactive parameter table and played an exclusively passive role. Each character had its own top rune setup, which gave him the best bonuses, and choosing something other than optimal was a shot in the foot.

The new rune system incorporates the best of the talent system — interactivity — and consists of five distinct paths. Each of them is designed to highlight the strengths of your character without limiting your freedom to choose your play style.

How to Get More Rune Pages in League of Legends

Before each match, you have to choose two paths of the runes — the main and the additional. In the main path, you choose four runes, in the additional only two. Which key rune will be available to you will depend on which main path you take.

Remember the talent system? It’s almost the same. Key runes are the most important in choosing your playstyle. In addition to one key rune in the main path, you can choose one large and two basic ones. The additional path doesn’t provide key runes; you are limited to one large and one basic.

Renewed Rune System

Last update 7.22 brought with it the fact of a complete rework of the rune system. Rather, for the convenience of new players, they were combined with talents, and the talents themselves were abolished. After the update, 5 different branches of runes appeared, and each player can choose one main and one additional branch for a character.

Several key runes (3-4) are available for the choice of the player in the main branch of runes, which have a significant impact on the gameplay. Additionally, each player can choose 3 more standard runes. In the additional branch, you can choose 2 more common runes. Thanks to the rework, such a system is much more flexible than the one previously used by players in patches. All previously purchased runes will return to the player in the form of in-game currency.

The standard rune selection pages can be used for different champions, so at the very beginning you do not need to spend the earned currency to purchase new pages.

In the event that you still want to purchase several additional rune pages for your characters, then you can find the corresponding tab in the online store on the Accessories tab — Rune Pages.

Often, runes have a very significant impact on the gameplay, so the success of your champion on the battlefield depends on their choice. The runes are found in the customization section of the player profile in the Collection — Runes menu.

New Runes

Runes are displayed as small icons. This was done so that players could compensate for some shortcomings of champions or, on the contrary, enhance certain characteristics. There are a total of 3 sets of characteristics and you can choose one characteristic from each set. Of course, these characteristics are not as important as the runes themselves, but at this point, you must definitely pay attention.

Getting More Rune Pages in League of Legends

There is an official video in each rune branch, but don’t rely on it too much. The fact is that the developers released demo videos at the time of the runes update, but since then a lot has changed. Yes, what points remained the same, but still it is worth carefully reading the description of the runes. By the way, I still advise you to watch all the guide videos, since they give some understanding.

Rune Pages

Any player has access to five preset rune sets. They cannot be changed at level 1. Players get the opportunity to make changes to these presets from level 11 (you can change the Key rune), from level 13 — you can change the rules of the Main path, from 15 — an additional one. However, these pages cannot be edited at the time of champion selection.

Rune Pages

Before the redesign of the Rune system, each player had at least two Rune Pages and could buy additional Pages for 6300 IP or 590 RP. The old pages were moved to the updated system, and the players were compensated.

Before Rune rework, players could not have more than 20 Rune Pages. This limit has now been increased to 25 (presets are not counted).

Rune Branches

Depending on the choice of runes, the style of play can vary significantly. Let’s present a short guide for players, which runes are best suited for which playstyle, and what is their main value.


The branch of runes in the League of Legends «Precision» is used mainly by shooters, and it will also allow you to fully reveal the potential of game characters who are focused on automatic attacks.

Precision Runes

Key ADC runes in LoL:

  • Decisive attack. After 3 hits in a row, this LoL rune weakens the opponent and for 6 seconds the attacked champion takes more damage from all allies;
  • Deadly Speed. When attacking an enemy character, you increase the speed of striking for 3 seconds (up to 80%, depending on the level), and a temporary restriction on the use of the maximum attack bonus is imposed on the opponent;
  • Dexterous evasion. During attack and movement, this talent in League of Legends allows you to accumulate energy. Upon reaching 100 charges, the hero will restore health and increase the speed of movement.

Standard Runes:

  • Overhealing. The excess of healing becomes a reliable shield;
  • Victory. At the moment of finishing off the opponent, the standard rune Triumph restores 15% of the missing HP, and also brings an additional 25 units of gold;
  • Presence of spirit. After finishing or leveling up for 5 seconds, the hero fully returns all magical energy.

Base talents of the second and first levels:

  • Zeal. Denying opponents permanently increases the speed of hitting;
  • Excerpt. When finishing off enemy champions, this ADK rune in LoL permanently increases the character’s stamina;
  • Pedigree. Denying opponents permanently increases the natural ability of vampirism;
  • Merciful blow. Using this rune in League of Legends increases the damage done to champions with lower HP;
  • Retribution. Increases the damage done to characters with HP more than yours;
  • The last stand. At minimum health, the champion’s attacks inflict additional damage to enemies;

Regardless of the choice of additional path, all bonus combinations in the Precision add 18% attack speed.


The Domination rune branch should be chosen not only by assassins, who are capable of destroying an opponent in seconds but also by champions who prefer long fights.

Domination Rune

Key runes:

  • Murder by electricity. When dealing damage with 3 different skills or separate attacks for 3 seconds, the enemy additionally receives adaptive damage;
  • Predator. Promotes an active effect on your boots, thereby increasing movement speed and attack power or abilities;
  • The Dark Harvest. When large monsters, minions, and heroes die, the essence of the soul remains at the place of their death. After absorbing this essence during your next auto attack, you will inflict additional adaptive damage on enemies.

Standard Runes:

  • Dirty welcome. Opponents who have restrictions on the performance of an action or movement receive additional pure damage;
  • Bloody taste. Each time you hit an enemy, the champion’s HP is restored;
  • An unexpected blow. After deactivating the stealth mode, as well as teleporting or jumping, using this rune in League of Legends will help the character to increase the lethality and penetration magic for a short time.

Base talents of the second and first levels:

  • Zombie Totem. When an enemy totem is destroyed, your totem appears in its place, which “comes to life” after completing all actions;
  • Ghost Poro. This rune in League of Legends begins to work when the character enters the bush, where poro is created, which remains in “ambush” and provides the champion with a good overview;
  • Collection of eyes. For each killed enemy or destroyed totem, you permanently increase the adaptive attack power or abilities;
  • The Hungry Hunter. In case of damage to the enemy by magic skills, HP is regularly restored;
  • Resourceful hunter. Permanently minimizes the recharge time of active items, including accessories;
  • Ruthless Hunter. Using this ADC rune in League of Legends will permanently increase movement speed, but only outside the battlefield.

Regardless of the choice of the “Additional path”, all bonus combinations in the Domination branch add 11% to attack speed or 18 units to skills.


In the League of Legends game, the Sorcery runes are mostly chosen by magic heroes, and some supports endowed with magical damage.

Sorcery Rune

Key Runes:

  • The vocation of a fluff. The Champion’s abilities and automatic attacks direct the Fluffy towards its target. If it is an ally, it applies a reliable shield, and if it is an enemy, it does little damage;
  • The comet of magic. When the character uses his skills, he sends a magic ball at the enemy, which additionally deals damage. If the given ADC rune in LoL is recharged, then the remaining recharge time is reduced;
  • Phase jerk. Striking an opponent with 3 different skills or separate attacks, the hero for a short time increases the speed of movement.

Standard runes:

  • Ball of Destruction. If after magic damage the character loses almost all HP, the sphere erects an additional shield from the magic attack;
  • The abundance of Mana. In the computer game League of Legends, the spell helps to replenish the manapool or magical energy expended on the first ability. Also, this rune restores the missing supply of mana or energy;
  • Hat of the Absolute. Allows to significantly reduce the cooldown of the Ultimate skill.

Basic Level 2 and Level 1 Talents:

  • Advantage. When level 10 is reached, it minimizes the reload time by 10%. Excessive cooldown reduction adds adaptive power to hits or skills;
  • Speed. The use of this ADK rune in League of Legends increases movement speed by 10%, which has a positive effect on the power of abilities and damage;
  • Complete concentration. When HP is over 70%, the champion inflicts additional adaptive damage;
  • Burn. Every 20 seconds, the first skill used in battle burns enemy characters;
  • Walking on Water. Increases movement speed, attack power, or abilities when the hero is on the river;
  • The Coming Hurricane. Throughout League of Legends, you will additionally gain talent or attack power boosts.

Regardless of the choice, all bonus combinations in the Sorcery add 15 adaptive attack power or 25 skill points.


The Resolve runes increase the champion’s defense, so they are very often used by various initiators and tanks.

Resolve Rune

Key runes:

  • Grasp of the Undead. Every 4 seconds, the next automatic attack inflicts additional magical damage to enemies, and also restores HP, and permanently increases the level of health;
  • Tremors of the earth. After immobilizing an opponent, the champion increases defense and inflicts explosive adaptive damage around him;
  • Guardian. When activating this rune in League of Legends, you protect nearby allies or those against whom spells are used.

Standard runes:

  • Fearlessness. Resistance and resistance to slow increase for a short time, and cooldown time decreases with each call;
  • Demolition. Perhaps the most effective LOL rune for destroying an enemy tower.
  • Life source. Allows you to restrict movement and mark opponents, attacking which allies restore HP.

Base talents of the second and first levels:

  • Iron Skin. Improves armor and heals by 5 units;
  • The carapace of Reflection. Increases magic resistance by 5 points and restores consumable items;
  • Accumulation. Using this skill after 10 minutes of playing League of Legends, you additionally get 8 armor + 8 points to magic resistance and increase them by 5%;
  • Sprawl. When minions and monsters die nearby, the hero’s maximum health level is forever increased;
  • Resurrection. The strength of protective shields and the speed of healing are increased by 5%, and if the enemy has minimum health — by 10%;
  • Second wind. Accelerated HP recovery occurs.

Regardless of the choice, the Resolve rune branch adds 130 health units.


The Inspiration runes increase the effect of elixirs and potions. Therefore, this branch is often chosen by mages and supports.

Inspiration Rune

Key runes:

  • Book of Spells. During the game, Shards of Spells accumulate, which can be exchanged in the store for summoning spells;
  • Ice Ray. Slows down an enemy, creating a limited area around them.
  • Kleptomania. After hitting, the next attack brings gold and sometimes consumables.

Standard runes:

  • Hextech Leap. Teleports the champion to the target location;
  • Cookie Delivery. Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes, restores HP and magical energy, which permanently increases the mana reserve;
  • The time has come. The free item Stopwatch allows you to apply the Stasis effect once.

Basic Level 2 and Level 1 Talents:

  • Boots of the Magician. Using this ADK rune in LoL grants the hero boots for 10 minutes;
  • Market of the Future. You can borrow game items;
  • Disintegrator of minions. Also, a free item that provides 3 charges. By killing opponents with a disintegrator, the champion permanently increases damage against minions of the same type;
  • Knowledge of Space. Increases the cooldown of items and skills by 5%;
  • The speed of convergence. Increases movement speed towards allies with limited actions;
  • Heavenly body. It adds 100 units of permanent health, but up to 10 minutes reduces the damage done to monsters and other enemy heroes.

Regardless of the choice, the Inspiration rune branch prolongs the effect of potions and elixirs, as well as attack speed by 20%.