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How to Get Gemstones in League of Legends

How to Get Gemstones in League of Legends

The gem is one of the currencies in the League of Legends game client, with which you can buy rare and exclusive content. Gems were introduced to the game economy with the V6.3 update.

Gems are used exclusively in Hextech Crafting and cannot be used in the regular Riot Store.

Where I Can Find or Earn Gems?

Gems can be obtained from Hextech Chests and Masterpiece Chests. The chance of a gem falling among loot is 3.6%. As compensation, for each chest that doesn’t contain a gem, this chance is increased by 4% (protection from failures also applies).

Where I Can Find or Earn Gems

Starting at level 150, each next level 50 gives the summoner 1 gem.

During the work of the Temple of Essence, one gem may be bought in a set for the summoner icons for 50,000 BE, 100,000 BE, and 150,000 BE.

Hextech Craft. What I Can Create?

Hextech is a magical thing. It’s actually a combination of magic and technology. If magical science is new to you, then hextech craft may seem daunting. But it only seems! We will now answer frequently asked questions. Want to know the meaning of terms?

How Do I Can Obtain Hextech Chest?

They can be obtained by rewarding Champion Mastery or purchased from the Shop. Chest Keys can be obtained from matchmaking matches. They drop more often if you are playing with friends. The chests contain shards, essence, and permanent content. Convert shards and essence into permanent content, and add it to your account. That’s the whole trick!

How Do I Can Obtain Hextech Chest?

Where I Can Find Hextech Craft Window?

Hextech crafting uses a separate inventory that is different from your current inventory. You cannot spray on store-bought content, and anything you earn through Hextech Crafting can only be used once added to your personal inventory. This also means that new types of content will appear in the game, so we want to introduce you to new terms.

What Can I Find Inside Hextech Chests?

They are containers with all sorts of interesting things from the League of Legends store. You can get these cool things for free (of course, if you showed a really good game) or buy them in the store. Below is a list of items stored in Hextech chests, as well as the rules by which they drop.

What Can I Find Inside Hextech Chests?

Also, Hextech chests can be purchased individually — for 125 RP (195 RP with a key) — or in a set (includes 11 chests and keys) for 1950 RP. Also, player can earn them while playing and earning an S grade from diverse Champions.

Main Rules

Currently, the Hextech crafting system has a few rules:

  • More items, free discovery. Absolute and Mythic skins can be obtained out of the box (you don’t have to spend Orange Essence to open them). In a case, you already have an image, you can spray it on and get an orange essence;
  • Bad luck protection. You are guaranteed to get minimum 1 skin shard by opening three chests. This increases the frequency of falling of the fragments of the image to about 57%;
  • Bonus gems. Gems can drop along with the usual contents of chests. Gems also have such a feature, so you will definitely get a gem in at least one of the 50 chests, i.e. with a probability of 3.6%. Gems also drop from additional chests, thus increasing the drop rate to 4%;
  • Chests inside chests! There is a 10% chest and key drop chance from a Hextech chest. And from the new chest, in turn, with a probability of 10%, another one with a key can fall out;
  • Exclusive Hextech Content. Special Hextech Skins are not only available with Gems. There is a small chance (1 in 2500) that such an image will drop along with the usual content of a Hextech chest;
  • Let’s say goodbye to cheap champions! Hextech Chests contain Champion Shards that are worth at least 4800 blue essence.
    Masterpiece chests can be purchased individually — for 165 RP (225 RP per chest and key) — or in a set (11 chests and keys) for 2250 RP.


What’s Inside the Masterwork Chest?

All special rules also apply to Masterwork Chests (not counting content for individual champions). Thanks to the protection against bad luck, the chance of dropping shards of images are 71.94%.

What’s Inside the Masterwork Chest?

Why Chest Are Dropping Items That I Already Have?

The rewards from the chests are completely random, so you can find what you already have in them. We are considering various possibilities for using re-shards. For now, you can transform them to get content that you definitely don’t have, or spray them to create permanent content from the shards you don’t have.

Is There Latest Content Inside Chests?

Yes! But not all new content appears immediately in the Hextech crafting system, so we advise you to wait at least one day before running to open chests and transform all your shards in the hope of taking possession of the new product.

Why Do I Don’t Earn Chests?

There are several reasons why you may not receive chests:

  • If you play a champion you don’t own, you won’t be able to get the chest;
  • If you’ve earned an S for a champion you don’t own, your ready-made teammates can still earn a chest for your achievement;
  • You already have a drop for this champion. You can find out which champions have already got a chest by hovering over the portraits in the champion roster in your profile. When you earn a chest for earning an S grade for your ready-made teammate, it counts as if you yourself earned an S grade for that champion;
  • You could reach the limit on the number of chests per week. There are four chest slots in your profile. If all the cells are full, you will have to wait until a new cell opens. This happens once a week; in your profile, you can see how many days are left before the new cell appears;
  • You cannot earn a chest for a game you left before the end. Player Behavior Tracking may have recently punished you, preventing you from receiving rewards through Hextech Crafting. More details about this system are below.

How Does My Behavior Affect Earning Chests?

If the quick response feedback system punished you for bad behavior, then for a certain time you will not be able to receive chests and keys for games. The time during which you cannot receive loot depends on two factors:

  • The degree of the violation. You will not receive rewards for the duration of the punishment, whether it is a temporary suspension from the game or limiting access to chat;
  • Desire to improve. Once the penalty expires, you will not be able to receive rewards until the system notices a significant and sustained improvement in your behavior. There is no specific date — it all depends on your behavior.

How Does My Behavior Affect Earning Chests?

Learn more about restricting access to the crafting system here.

How Do I Can Stack Hextech Skins?

You can unlock exclusive Hextech skins (like Hextech Annie, Vane, Soul Eater, or Dreadnova Darius) by matching ten Gems. You also have the opportunity to earn these Skins by converting Skins Shards and Permanent Content!

How Can I Get Hextech Totem?

You can unlock the Hextech Totem by connecting five gems. It can also drop as an Image Shard during the transformation of Totem Skins and Permanent Content Shard!