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How to Buy a Horse in BitLife?

How to Buy a Horse in BitLife?

BitLife is a life simulator game in which players take the role of a stranger and guide him or her from beginning to end. The app-free software has reached the top of the Apple app store, according to CandyWriter LLC.

BitLife allows players to experience, for example, what would happen if they studied biology or got arrested for assault using a list of instructions, random circumstances, and humor. The gameplay is quite basic, as it’s merely a stage beyond classic MUD (or Multi-User Domain) games that were popular in the early days of computers. You choose options from a series of menus and then see how old you can get before you die.

You begin BitLife as a newborn in a random nation with two parents who are tasked with your care. You can barely interact with the world as an infant, and the only alternative is visiting the doctor. As you get older, the world gradually expands. You may begin spending time with your parents and asking them for money as early as age four. You move to elementary school at the age of six. In time, you can start taking classes at the gym, obtaining your driver’s license, and even dating [1].

In BitLife, you can buy a horse for your avatar to ride on. It is one of the most expensive items in the game and buying it requires a lot of money. In this blog post, the game experts will give you some tips for how to save up enough money quickly so that you can afford a horse!

How do I Get a Pet in BitLife?

Visit the new “Pets” tab in BitLife to get yourself a new pet, whether feline or amphibian. You’ll see that there are several variants to select from when you go there.

You may rescue a poor little puppy in need, acquire a pure breed from a breeder, or buy a more exotic pet from a pet store.

You can pick a particular dog or cat breed from an extensive list if you select the breeder option. This is an expensive alternative, and expert gamers wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a lot of money.

You can’t keep a horse in a shed or in your backyard, so you’ll need to spend money on equestrian property to allow your horse room to run free.

A typical equestrian property will cost around $6 million, with the best models costing upwards of $8 million. As a result, you’ll almost certainly need to put some money away before you can acquire a horse or two [2].

You may also find animals in the wild by hunting, and if you decide to rescue them, you can opt to keep the animal.

It appears that you can acquire just about any animal this way, regardless of membership. However, because you’re relying on luck, this isn’t always the case.

Where to Buy a Horse in BitLife?

Horses may be obtained in the same area as other pets in the pet tab under activities. That said, if you click animals, you should see a choice labeled horse ranch; however, before the game will allow you to purchase one, you must fulfill a few additional criteria.

In a nutshell, you must have equestrian property before you can acquire a horse. To buy one of these houses, you’ll need a significant amount of money because prices vary from one to five million dollars.

Overall, all you need is a decent job to generate money, and being famous may not be harmful at all, but after you’ve amassed enough of it, you can invest in an equestrian home by tapping on assets and then locating a realtor who will do your shopping for you [3].

How Can You Buy a Horse in BitLife: Step-by-Step Guide

You’ll need approximately $500,000 to $1 million in the bank. Then you should do the following things:

  • In the upper right corner of your screen, select Assets from the drop-down menu. From there, tap on Go Shopping;
  • Any Real Estate Broker may be found by clicking on it;
  • Purchase any item with the Equestrian Property symbol;
  • Open the app and go to Activities. Select Pets from the drop-down menu;
  • Tapping on Horse Ranch and selecting a Horse will take you to the Purchase page, where you can buy a horse;

You may also create a royal family to obtain the required money quickly. It would be quicker if you were to give birth to a royal family. First, you’ll want to acquire a large plot of property. Since you need five or more horses for the Kentucky Derby Challenge in BitLife, you require a substantial amount of real estate. That implies you must evaluate the acreage of any property to see if it fulfills the requirements for an acceptable equestrian space. On any piece of real estate, you’ll notice a grassy symbol to ensure that this is obvious.

Equestrian property may cost millions of dollars, with the most expensive properties costing up to $5 million.

These sites might cost up to $5,000,000, therefore you’ll need a lot of cash on hand before purchasing one. A well-paying job like a doctor might be another excellent choice. When you want to acquire a pet after buying your new property, open the Activities menu instead of closing it.

Now it’s time to spend even more money. A Horse in BitLife may cost anywhere from $10,000 to $75,000. As a result, you’ll need more money since you’ll need to collect five of them for the weekly competition.

The game has many features, including statistics for each horse: Type, Age, Gender, Color, Price, and Monthly Expenses.

When attempting to produce a winning equine, it’s important to consider the ages and expenses. These creatures also have Health, Happiness, Smarts (brains), and Craziness as their stats. It’s also critical to maintaining them in good health and training.

You may communicate with your horse through the Relationships tab in your account. When you click on that link, you’ll see choices such as Sell, Ride, Treat, Spend Time, and Visit the Vet. Keep an eye on your pets’ statistics and make sure they stay high to ensure that you’re able to handle them effectively. Thereafter, when you’ve collected five of them and kept them healthy, move on to the challenge [4].


Why can’t I buy a horse in BitLife?

You can, but it’ll cost you a fortune! Because you can’t house a horse in the shed or backyard, you’ll have to invest in equestrian property so that your horse has enough room to run free.

How do I start my own equestrian property in BitLife?

The process of acquiring any home with the word “equestrian” in its name is straightforward. The properties are valued at millions of dollars, but saving up for them may be difficult [5].

How do you pick a winning horse in BitLife?

In Bitlife, the odds of winning a race are completely up to chance, and each race appears to select a random horse to win. However, one player on the BitLife Reddit observed that certain horses with unique names tended to win more often than others.

As a result, it’s worth checking out whether you should bet on the following horses:

  • Lady Laila;
  • Forrest Jump;
  • Bitizen;
  • Gee Whiz;
  • Simple Simon;

Horses with names such as Horse, Greek God, and Wild Hare were more likely to win than horses with neutral or feminine-themed names.

On the other hand, if you have money to burn, experts urge that you only gamble on the horses listed above if you want to lose it. Even these horses still have a chance to lose the race, so proceed with caution.

Gambling is exciting, but it can be addicting. You can avoid becoming addicted to gambling if you gamble only little amounts at a time and/or bet too much money. However, if you become addicted to gambling, you may always seek treatment at a basic clinic or a premium facility via the health and mind tab [6].

How do you get a unicorn on BitLife?

You can discover a Unicorn in BitLife by simply aging up and running into one at random. It’s unclear how to influence it, but you just need to be lucky enough to encounter one. Every time you advance in age, you have the opportunity to meet an animal of some sort. This isn’t always the case, but it usually happens a few times throughout your life. You may boost your chances by setting it so that when you age up, you go half a year in the settings. That will increase your encounter opportunities dramatically.

When you come across one, you will be given four choices: Run for my life, Back slowly, Take it to the shelter, and Keep it as a pet. You should keep it as a pet since they are devoted creatures that live a long time!

In BitLife, there’s not much more you can do with a Unicorn. It’s simply a random occurrence that you’ll be hoping for. The only real method to look for one is to run through as many lives as possible as quickly as possible, which isn’t easy at all. Continue aging and waiting for it to happen [7]!

What’s the full list of pets in BitLife?

Besides horses, you may buy such pets in BitLife – dogs, snakes, cats, rabbits, parrots, goldfish, lovebirds, hamsters, tigers, lions, unicorns, etc.

How do you cheat in BitLife?

A hookup may be used to deceive one’s spouse. There’s a good chance your spouse will discover it. An issue will arise if the player’s partner finds out he or she cheated on him or her [8].

Can you be a billionaire in BitLife?

To become a billionaire, you must first become well-known as an actor, which is feasible through product endorsements and increased social media following. You should continue to invest in houses and other assets that will generate money as your character grows older, keeping your attention on acquiring properties and becoming wealthy [9].

How do you always win the lottery on BitLife?

You may play with your dice in the Assets section. After you’ve finished playing with your dice, you can go out and buy a lottery ticket to win the jackpot! Alternatively, if you want to gamble, you might visit a casino; there’s no telling whether or not you’ll win anything there [10].



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