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Best Hextech Skins in League of Legends

Best Hextech Skins in League of Legends

More than a hundred years ago, the English writer Oscar Wilde said: “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Perhaps these words can well be attributed to champions in League of Legends. Those who only know about this game by hearsay will probably say that a good champion is expensive. Of course, this is so, in order to get, for example, Hextech Annie, you may have to open at least a hundred Hextech chests. Alistar or Amumu is not cheap either.

This is all true. The price of any good thing is always highсeither in the real world or in the virtual one. But only those who do not just play League of Legends, but literally live on the battlefields of Runeterra, can truly judge the true value of such Hextech super champions.

Well, let’s take a look at the best of the best, champions – champion winners. We warn you right away: none of our heroes will be easy for you to obtain. To acquire any of them, you will need at least ten rare gems. Moreover, they, most likely, will also have to be combined with other valuable items. But do I need to tell you how great is not the price, but the value of such a supermonster (of course, speaking of the murderous cutie Annie, we mean her monstrous bodyguard) for a true fan of League of Legends!

Of course, we could now line up all the Hextech Champions here, sorting them from worst to best, and letting you watch them as we slowly progress from so-so fighters to genuine invincible heroes. But would that be honest on our part? Is it permissible to detach from the Game with all sorts of tricks and ploys those who outside Runeterra feel like a fish cast ashore? No, no, and a thousand times no! We are for fair play in everything and will not play around and wag with our readers.

Moreover, what’s the point in such inverted ratings? Doesn’t someone who really understands what is happening in the League of Legends world knows that there is no one cooler than Annie anyway? Would such a battle-hardened expert be willing to spend time studying in detail Galio’s characteristics or acquaintance with the biography of Jarvan IV when the mysterious Swain or the dazzling shining – in every sense – Kassadin are claiming his attention?

So let’s hurry! The bests of the bests are waiting for us. But, I hope you will forgive me if it suddenly turns out that my favorites in some way do not coincide with your own assessments. I can’t stand it, but I can’t order my heart. After all, we, loyal citizens of Runeterra, real members of the League of Legends, despite the bloody battles, glorious victories, and bitter defeats, have not yet hardened our souls. And now, after so many hours of fighting, after hundreds of miles traversed through the battlefields of our universe, we cannot perceive our Champions (as well as those Champions that will only ever become ours) as some kind of set of pixels.

Look up! Keep still! At ease! Champions are on the march

1. The most expensive, the rarest, the most desirable, the most unattainable… Meet Annie!

Annie Hextech Skin

Yes, whenever you join League of Legends, whatever Champions fought for you, Annie will always be a dream. I’m unlikely to be mistaken if I said that anyone would give, without hesitation, three Sejuanies, five Ziggs, and a couple more Renektons in addition just for one Annie. In this girl with character, inseparable from her giant bodyguard, everything is perfect: design, physics, strength, abilities … It is hardly worth listing further if it’s so clear: Annie is the coolest of the cool.

2. On the face of a terrible, evil inside – Kog’Maw

Kog'Maw Hextech Skin

To be honest, this mechanical monster has never been the hero of my romance. I prefer anthropomorphic characters. Agree, it is much easier to identify yourself with someone who at least remotely looks like a human than with a pile of blue iron spewing lightning and other rays of death at the behest of designers. Nothing can be said, the designers did a great job, and in terms of destructive power, he has very few equals, that’s why I put him in second place after my adored Annie. I try to be objective, I hope you appreciate it.

3. The embodiment of the magic of the night – Nocturne

Nocturne Hextech Skin

This character is already more like someone who can be called a fighter, and not a blue ball-killer. The creators of this skin put more emphasis on magic than on machine-gun bursts flying out from somewhere in the middle of an unknown metal beast. Besides, in the case of Nocturne, we can talk about some kind of character. And even feel like a Dark Mage yourself, trying on his skin.

4. The Man (or, rather, not a man at all) in an Iron Mask – Malzahar

Malzahar Hextech Skin

Now that’s a completely different matter. Bravo, designers! You can peer into this mask, as into an abyss, endlessly, until this abyss (I mean the mask, of course) begins to peer into you. And when it starts, you can be sure that you will start dreaming about it at night. Hmmm… dreaming? Maybe it’s better to say: nightmaring? Whatever, who knows, it is quite possible that one day, looking in the mirror, you will see there instead of your own reflection him – the great and terrible Malzahar. In general, consider that we’ve warned you. And, by the way, if it is true that the king is played by his retinue, then the minions accompanying this Champion play not only the king but the real Ruler of the Hextech universe. I wish I could introduce him to Annie! I can imagine their offspring… Do you?

5. One more dark magus – Kassadin

Kassadin Hextech Skin

Apart from everyone’s favorite Annie, a curious trend can be noted: if all kinds of killing machines are a pile of blue armor studded with cannons, then the carriers of magic (as well as the killers with the help of this very magic) look much more elegant. I would even say: more intelligent. Oh! Seems, I understood: all sorts of blue scarabs like Kog’Maw or babies with turbines – like Amumu, which we will talk about later – they are like sumo wrestlers – a mountain of muscles that cannot be imagined at a chessboard.

But as for mages – they are like aikido fighters (as you know, the Japanese diplomats are taught this martial art): the mighty intellect is clearly read in their kind blue eyes. Blue – because what other eye color can a Hextech Champion have?

6. Monocle Dandy – Swain

Swain Hextech Skin

If my active life in League of Legends left me at least a little time for related entertainment, I would definitely cosplay Swain. I’m afraid that I would not be allowed to go to the office in his skin, but then, most likely, I would have quit my job, where the bosses are so mentally limited that they do not understand the real beauty. Instead of this office routine, I would sit – like Swain in flesh – in front of the computer and write articles about my favorite character. Well, and, of course, I would hunt for gems in Hextech chests to get my hands on Annie before Malzahar got to her. Moreover, Malzahar, of course, is a tough guy, he even has turbines on his back, but Swain is a real aristocrat! Moreover, he wears not a mask, but a really expressive face. And in what kind of music his appearance is wrapped!

I would listen to it and listen forever. But there is no time, I have to go look for precious gems to get Annie, she is so popular that I can find out myself the last in the line!

7. The Queen of Blue Ice – Sejuani

Sejuani Hextech Skin

I can’t say anything against the truth, Sejuani is a beautiful lady. And the minions in her retinue – all are like just stepped out of a miniature in an ancient folio: with flags, in shining armor — downright real knights guarding a queen. Seriously, it is very nice skin. Not the best in the Hextech collection, of course, but very impressive. I’m afraid I just can’t be objective, since my heart has already been given to baby Annie. Plus, this lady costs almost as much as the Girl of My Dreams. So, how can I spend the whole ten hard-earned precious gems for Sejuani, if not someone else is waiting for me, but Annie herself!

8. The post-apocalyptic Robotoy – Amumu

Amumu Hextech Skin

There is definitely something childishly touching about this killer doll. Hextech’s designers have paid a generous tribute to steampunk: their creation at the same time resembles a sad robot toy, forgotten somewhere in the closet by a grown-up child, and Sonic from a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Still, a healthy sense of humor is very important for the team of artists creating such kinds of characters. I can actually hear their perky laughter when they attach another deadly cannon to this cutie.

9. The Steel Minotaur – Alistar

Alistar Hextech Skin

Of course, there is no even slight smell of anthropomorphism, but the music accompanying the appearance of this killer monster, careful attention to the details of its appearance and behavior, as well as an army of minions to match its horned master – all this provides the skin with a well-deserved place in the top ten works of Hextech’s designers. Keep in mind, plus to everything else, that this Champion has impressive power, so 10 gems for him may look like a reasonable price to pay for variety. After all, why not wear, at least once, the skin of a steel killer bull?

10. If Thor was a micro elf from the battlefields of Runeterra – Poppy

Poppy Hextech Skin

You, of course, remember that the Scandinavian god Thor (well, okay, not Scandinavian, but Marvelian) was a hefty guy with a strange tool that he used as a weapon. His Mjolnir had a short handle, on which a powerful head was planted. So, I’ll tell you again: the designers who created the Hextech Champions have a huge sense of quirky humor! They just turned Thor inside out, laughing non-stop. The result is Poppy – a short creature with a babyface, elven ears, and a hammer that is twice the size of its owner. Add to this great dynamics, cool music, and emotions that constantly change one another on the face of this character, and you will understand why I put him in the top ten.

11. The comic shorty – Ziggs

Ziggs Hextech Skin

Compared to the rest of the Hextech Champions, the mustachioed kid Ziggs can hardly even count on the Audience Award. It seems that the fantasy, mixed with unrestrained fun, was generously spent by the designers on other characters. So, Ziggs was glued from leftovers. Still, the confident hand of the master is felt in the approach to the creation of this skin too. The Champion named Ziggs came out quite funny, and he seems to be doing well with a deadly force, despite his small stature. At least, as much well as such a short barbell with no bright features can do in the brilliant company of Annie, Malzahar, Swain, and Kassadin.

12. Edward Drillhands – Rammus

Rammus Hextech Skin

And finally, the last member of our Hextech Champions Parade. An obvious relative of the Kog’Maw is an obscure blue-pink metal bird with two drills for hands. Let’s be honest: the pink rhinestones on this creature look vulgar. However, it may be worth attributing this jewelry to the same fun fantasy of the designers who created the rest of Hextech Champions. But the arms-arms turned out to be very impressive. Moreover, here, like all the other characters, the details are perfectly traced, so looking at him in motion, and accompanied by excellent music, I must admit, is quite entertaining.

After all, high-quality entertainment is the main goal of such games as League of Legends, isn’t it?