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Why does everyone hate pandaren?

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I love Pandaren (in fact, they are my favourite race), but everyone on youtube is like, "Pandaren suck, MoP sucks, vanilla was da best". I'm not a big fan of the expansion "Per say", but I love the Pandaren, even when they were in Warcraft 3! so can someone tell me why everyone hates on the pandas?

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They are just overreacting. Just because they are cute and furry, they think the game begins to become "soft" and "childish." Some people even associate it with that panda movie that came out about a year before MoP did. They probably have no idea that Pandaren was part of Warcraft long before the movie was released, but you shouldn't pay attention. They just want to feel like they're playing a badass game. Most don't even care about the lore. Play your race, have fun. That's all that's the game about.

Pro tip: Pandaren has one of the best racials there is after the humans' one. But this free stun will probably shine at WoD when they fix the amount of CCs in-game. Just wait and see how many Pandaren will run around, being badass and fluffy at the same time!

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"vanilla was da best"
"Vetern" players who don't like change wish it was still like "vanilla," and associated Pandaren with "Kung Fu Panda" before the race was even playable... Not to mention a fluffy, non-scary race that can choose to side with the Horde, after all the dead horse beaten crying over Blood Elves being a part of it, and I guess it just comes down to people needing something to complain about.