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520 Watt power supply enough for RTX 2060?

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Online, everyone seems to think 500W would be enough for an RTX 2060, but a small minority insists I get a 650-700 Watt power supply. When I use a calculator, my computer build + an RTX 2060 always says: recommended PSU wattage 450 Watts. Nvidia recommends 450W as well.
Is my 520W 80+ bronze Seasonic PSU enough for an RTX 2060?


PSU is M12ii

CPU is i5 8600K, and the RTX 2060 is overclocked (1710 MHZ)

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If you don't plan to overclock and your CPU doesn't have a really high TDP, it will work. However, if you are going to overclock or have an AMD FX/Threadripper or Intel X99/X299 CPU, you should probably get a 650W PSU.