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How to Log Out of League of Legends

How to Log Out of League of Legends

The MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena games are quite popular nowadays. The League of Legends has a long story of success. Since 2009, it has collected plenty of players across the world. One of the most important questions, when you invest hundreds of hours in the video game is the safety of the account. Thus, it is recommended to log out after finishing the playing session. In this article, you will learn more about different places where you may want to log out, how to improve the safety of accounts, and fast ways to quit the game.

If to speak briefly about League of Legends or just LOL, it is a strategy game where two teams fight each other in order to destroy the enemy base. During the match, the player improves level up their character and upgrades their skills and abilities. This MOBA game has plenty of various characters and each of them belongs to a specific class. Thus, it is important to balance team power with an appropriate role.

The popularity of League of Legends has dramatically increased due to the proper merchandise and even animated Netflix series. It also has personal comic books that reveal the lore of this fantasy world.

Logging Out From the Client

Most online multiplayer games use clients and launchers to run the game. In the beginning, you download and install them to further get all the components of the video game. After the installation players use clients to log into their personal accounts.  This software also allows managing additional settings including in-game quality of graphics, sound, auto-updates, etc.

The clients of the league of Legends are available for common Mac and Windows operating systems. To log out of the client you need:

  • To open its window;
  • Navigate to the top right corner of it and press on the cross;
  • Then, you will receive a small box with login options. One of them is Exit just to close the client. You need to click Sign-Out.
  • After that, you will have to enter account credentials again to log into the client to play the game.

How to Log Out from Web Browser on League of Legends Website?

The interface of the website is quite similar to the client. The site is available from any browser and even smartphones. On the top right corner, you can find your nickname. By clicking it, you receive a dropdown menu where you can find the logout option. By pressing it, you exit the website.

Why It Is Important to Turn Off Automating Signing In?

In most clients, launchers, and websites you can have the automatic signing-in option. From one side it is convenient that you do not need to enter account credentials all the time and the service logs you in quickly without you paying attention to this process. However, it is not that safe, unless you are the only user of your computer, which is also protected by a password.

If you like to visit cyber-cafes with your friends to play some games, you should avoid automatic signing-in options. It may happen that after playing the session you forget to quit and any stranger can get access to your account. In the end, all your skins and expensive items can be sold.

While visiting websites via browsers you should also pay attention not to save account credentials in the login forms. The chrome browser often asks that. If you accidentally save it, there is a chance that the next person will visit the same website and use your account.

That is why after ending the playing session, you should quit all the websites without leaving any personal data. That will improve the safety of your account and in-game progress.

Mobile Authenticator

Many gaming platforms and video games improve their protection measures. One of them is a mobile authenticator. When you try to log into the client, you need to use your smartphone to get a temporary code, which you indicate. The main benefit is that you will not have to worry about logging out from public computers, as nobody will be able to use your account without your phone. 

How to Quickly Exit the Game?

There are many ways to exit the game. You cannot exit directly when you enter the game interface. You can only use the task manager to exit ALT+F4 directly in the game. The operation is still very simple

  • If you are in the middle of joining, it is more difficult to log out of the game directly. You need to open the task manager. It can be done by pressing CTRL+ALT+ESC in windows. In the task manager, you can find the League of Legends background and close it directly.
  • Finally, if you are playing the game and want to quit it, you will have to wait 5 seconds. In case it is too long for you, you can simply shut down the game manually. As it is an online video game, all the progress saves automatically. The easiest way to exit directly in the ALT+F4 shortcut key.

Account Protection

You put a lot of effort and energy into your League of Legends account, so it is important to protect it properly. There are times when you can lose control of not only your account but also the champions and skins that you have so hard-earned. Third parties can take control of your account. Your account may be permanently suspended if you share it with your friends. If you want to avoid these kinds of situations, you should keep in mind the following tips:

  • Your account is personal. Do not share it.
  • Beware of phishing attempts.
  • Make sure you have a strong enough password.
  • Account buying may backfire on you.
  • The security of your account depends on the security of your computer.

Beware Of Scams or Phishing Attempts

These attempts can take different forms or use different means of distribution, including email, social media, SMS, eBay, forums, and other websites.

  • Email. Phishing emails are typically formatted to mimic official communications, typically using bogus sender addresses and copying official formatting to get you to click on dangerous links.
  • Social media. Phishers can also contact you through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, IM / chat, etc.
  • SMS. SMS messages can sometimes contain dangerous links.
  • EBay or other shopping sites. Buying codes or skins sold by third parties put you at considerable risk and the overwhelming majority of these offers are in fact scams.
  • Forums. Posts containing unsafe links or scams may be deployed on forums or through any other form of online communication. Take special care when chatting with other users online.
  • Other websites. When you access certain websites, you are asked to provide login details, and sometimes these can be traps to steal personal information through internet forms.

Do Not Share Your Account Information

This is also true for your friends and family, but even more so for your teammates or that guy who claims to be able to give you Riot Points or improve your Elo rating. The League of Legends Terms of Service prohibits sharing your account information and it is not without reason. It may also result in an administrative suspension of your account. When you share your account with someone, you are voluntarily giving them control of your account. You may think that the person in question is going to act responsibly, but you cannot be sure about this.